Beginning on July 18, 2006, a show called, "Eureka," aired on the sci-fi channel. The show is about the fictional town of Eureka, where the greatest scientific minds live together and work at a place called, "Global Dynamics."
The show stars Colin Ferguson as Sheriff Jack Carter and Jordan Danger as his daughter Zoe Carter. There are more characters that play a significant role in the story.

Their names are: Deputy Jo or Josephina Lupo, Zane Donovan, Dr. Nathan Stark, Dr. Allison Blake, Dr. Henry Deacon, and Dr. Douglas Fargo. All of these characters work together for the good of Eureka.

The reason that I think Eureka is one of the greatest science fiction shows of time is because the story is very engaging. When I would watch each episode, I would sucked into the story immediately, and I would want to keep watching.

I know that Eureka is an old-ish show, but if any of you are looking for a good, family-friendly, funny, and engaging show to watch, than I would highly recommend that you watch Eureka. I believe that it would be a good choice for sure!