Before starting I want to add that not all the relationships between color and character will be exact, for this small activity I am not only basing myself on the colors that are most observed in said character, I also take into account personalities, attitudes and sometimes the development that have in their respective anime.

Now let's get started!

Standard Brown: Mio Chibana

anime, umibe no etranger, and anime pfp image
Umibe no Etranger

Coffee: Kou Mabuchi

2d, kou, and futaba image
Ao Haru Ride

Cinnamon: Yuu Otosaka

charlotte anime, otosaka yuu, and 乙坂 有宇 image

Chocolate: Komuro Takashi

anime and Hot image
Highschool of The Dead

Beige: Shun Hashimoto

anime, umibe no etranger, and shun hashimoto image
Umibe no Etranger

Caramel: Sakuta Azusagawa

azusagawa sakuta, mai-san, and bunny girl senpai image
Seishun Buta Yarou

Honey: Nagisa Hazuki

anime, makoto tachibana, and haruka nanase image

Standard Red: Reki Kyan

sk8, anime, and reki image
SK8: The Infinite

Crimson: Katsuki Bakugo

anime and boku no hero academia image
Boku no Hero Academia

Scarlet: Mikaela Hyakuya

owari no seraph, anime, and mika image
Owari no Seraph

Raspberry: Saburo Yamada

anime, hypnosis mic, and hypmic image
Hypnosis Mic

Garnet: Isaac Foster

anime, angels of death, and satsuriku no tenshi image
Satsuriku no Tenshi

Standard Orange: Naruto Uzumaki

anime, naruto, and naruto uzumaki image

Amber: Ooji Mochizou

tamako love story, anime, and anime boy image
Tamako Love Story

Pumpkin: Yukine

anime, yukine, and noragami image

Golden: Haruka Tenou

anime, sailor moon, and haruka tenou image
Sailor Moon

Gold: Keigo Takami

hawks, anime, and mha image
Boku no Hero Academia

Standard Yellow: Banri Watanuki

anime, inu x boku ss, and watanuki banri image
Inu X Boku: Secret Service

Mustard: Reigen Arataka

anime, mob psycho, and arataka reigen image
Mob Psycho 100

Lemon: Soushi Miketsukami

anime, soushi, and inubokuss image
Inu X Boku: Secret Service

Standard Green: Miya Chinen

anime, miya, and sk8 the infinity image
SK8: The Infinite

Emerald: Izuku Midorilla

anime, boku no hero academia, and my hero academia image
Boku no Hero Academia

Olive: Shikamaru Nara

anime, naruto, and shikamaru nara image

Spring: Yuuichirou Hyakuya

anime, owari no seraph, and yuuichirou hyakuya image
Owari no Seraph

Mint: Gaara

anime, gaara, and naruto image

Jade: Jyuto Iruma

anime, hypnosis mic, and anime pfp image
Hypnosis Mic

Pine: Oreki Hotarou

anime, hyouka, and oreki houtarou image

Forest: Kazuma Satou

anime, kazuma, and anime pfp image

Standard Blue: Saito Hiraga

anime, zero no tsukaima, and saito hiraga image
Zero no Tsukaima

Navy Blue: Sasuke Uchiha

anime, naruto, and sasuke uchiha image

Cyan: Izumi Miyamura

anime, manga, and horimiya image

Aquamarine: Rin Okumura

ao no exorcist, anime, and blue exorcist image
Ao no Exorcist

Light Blue: Eugeo

anime, sword art online, and eugeo image
Sword Art Online

Turquoise: Tokito Muichiro

demon slayer, kny, and muichirou image
Kimetsu no Yaiba

Sapphire: Ciel Phantomhive

anime, black butler, and kuroshitsuji image

Standard Purple: Asuramaru

owari no seraph image
Owari no Seraph

Lily: Tanjiro Kamado

anime, tanjiro, and kimetsu no yaiba image
Kimetsu no Yaiba

Dark Purple: Tamaki Amajiki

anime, boku no hero academia, and anime pfp image
Boku no Hero Academia

Lilac: Kanato Sakamaki

anime, kanato sakamaki, and diabolik lovers image
Diabolik Lovers

Lavender: Yuusuke Nisaka

anime, koi to uso, and anime pfp image
Koi to Uso

Standard Pink: Ayato Sakamaki

anime, diabolik lovers, and ayato sakamaki image
Diabolik Lovers

Magenta: Ramuda Amemura

anime, hypnosis mic, and hypmic image
Hypnosis Mic

Fuchsia: Sora

sora, anime pfp, and anime image
No Game No Life

Salmon: Sabito

Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Kimetsu no Yaiba

Coral: Aru Akise

anime, mirai nikki, and akise image
Mirai Nikki

White: Killua Zoldyck

anime, hxh, and killua image
Hunter x Hunter

Gray: Sniper Mask

anime, manga, and tenkuu shinpan image
Tenkuu Shinpan

Silver: Ferid Bathory

Image by 𝑒𝓇𝒾𝓉𝑜
Owari no Seraph

Black: Kazuto Kirigaya

anime, sword art online, and anime pfp image
Sword Art Online

Coal: Mamoru Chiba

anime, sailor moon, and mamoru chiba image
Sailor Moon

Perhaps it is something obvious but I would like to emphasize it: each of the relationships formed were created from my point of view, my own perspective, and the characters that have a place on the list have been chosen solely because of the love and sympathy that I have towards they.

I do not know if a colored top like this has been built before, the truth is that I have seen many facts in alphabetical order, known as "my abc anime", that was the main idea but it occurred to me to use the colors suddenly and here you have the result >w<

Maybe I'll make one dedicated to female characters in the near future.