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Step 1: Cleanse (At night I like to use the glossier oil cleanser then follow up with the milky cleanser, so I double cleanse when I've worn makeup at night)
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Step 2: in the mornings I like using the vitamin c serum, followed by either the hydrating serum if I feel like my skin could use the extra moisture, or the bounce serum if I'm feeling like my skin looks a little dull
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Step 3: Then I gently jade role my cheeks, jaw line and forehead in upward motions. Sometimes I like to rub my neck too!
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Step 4: If I have the time in the morning, I like to wear eye patches for 20-30 minutes to give my eyes a little extra brightness :)
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Step 5: this is a new product I'm using, I'm loving how it feels and I've seen my under eye circles lighten up!
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Step 6: Moisturize always!!!
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Step 7: This is my absolute favorite sunscreen of all time. So light and thin without that oily feel that doesn't break you out! If you aren't wearing sunscreen every day then why do you even have a skincare routine?
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Step 8: The final step is the glossier future dew serum. I LOVE how this makes my skin glow, it's that dewy, I'm not even trying kind of look!

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Would you guys like to see my makeup routine featuring glossier?