Almost everyone sells their old smartphones rather than keeping them. It is important to know how to handle your smartphone before giving it away as obviously no one wants to pass their personal information or important documents to someone else as they might misuse it. The following mentioned steps some of the most important steps to be followed before selling your old mobile phone to someone el.

1. Remove the Sim card

This is the very first and basic step that one must follow before selling their old mobile phone. Sim card are a personal entity as one has to submit their documents and all the address proof while buying a Sim card for them. A Sim card also contains all the contact details of your family, friends or colleagues so if one forgets to remove the Sim card before selling their smartphone the other person could misuse the contact details or personal information and even your number that would lead you to a big problem.

2. Remove your memory card

Another important step is removing your memory card from your phone. Nowadays a lot of phone comes with inbuilt storage that is enough for the data storage of the user but also many phones still have the memory card slot and people use memory card to store their data. Before selling your phone to someone you must always remove the memory card as it contains all the videos, photos and important documents that shouldn’t reach anyone else. To be keep your Data safe it’s important for you to remove the memory card before you hand over the phone to them.

3. Erase your data

Not all the data is stored always in memory card. Some of the data is also on the phone. The mobile phones without a memory card slot stores all the data in the phone memory. So before you sell your old mobile phone or smart phone to someone else you must make sure that you have erased all the data from your mobile memory. That data may include any type of photos, videos, contact information, documents, files etc. Leaving behind any of these data could be harmful for you and could definitely give someone the opportunity to invade your privacy.

4. Reboot/Factory reset your phone

You must always reboot or factory reset your old phone Before selling it to someone. You can find the report or factory reset option from the settings. This resets the whole mobile phone as a new phone and if at all you have left behind any kind of data knowing or unknowingly that will be erased too after you chooses the option of rebooting or factory reset on your phone. Usually all phones have the option of reboot and factory reset. To enable this option usually you have to go to Settings > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset. Some phones also have the option of reboot by long pressing the side button or the switch on/switch off button.

5. Back up your contact details and photos

This is one of the most important options for the individual who is trying to sell their old phone. Before you sell your old phone and before you erase all the data you must keep in mind that you have to back up all the data on your mobile phone. It can be photos, videos, files, documents or any other kind of data that is important to you. One also has to keep in mind that once the data on the mobile memory is erased and the factory reset is done you might not be able to recover the data on the phone memory again if you have don’t have a backup. You can back up data through Google photos or you can back up the data in your laptop or your PCs. For iOS users it can be iCloud too.

6. Always keep your original phone accessories

This gives a great benefit while selling your old phone As having the original accessories with your old mobile phone will give it more value than having no accessories or duplicate accessories. You can demand for a better price and lock on a better deal if you have the original accessories of your own mobile phone undamaged.

7. Clean your mobile phone

By keeping in mind today’s situation that is in the era of COVID-19 it is of course advisable that you clean your phone with any cleaning spray used for electronic devices and then wipe it off. One must also clean the phone to make it look maintained and fresh because no one will prefer buying a phone that is untidy or unclean thinking of the consequences that could lead them into problems.

8. Try saving up the original bill of the device

There are a lot of cases of theft of electronic devices especially mobile phones and accessories so while you try to sell your old mobile phone it is good to have your original bill or some documents that prove that you have bought the phone for yourself or you are the owner of the phone. It is easy for someone to verify by looking at the bill that you are the owner of the mobile and hence you have the authority to sell the mobile phone. Also, one can verify the brand being original and warranty if mentioned by checking the bill.

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