bar, blue, and food image bar, caffe, and sushi image
26. Visit a sushi bar
girl, horse, and nature image girl, horse, and animal image
27. Horse Back Riding
girl, art, and aesthetic image academia, aesthetic, and art image
28. Visit an Art Gallery
cozy, lake, and boat image friends, exploring, and fun image
29. Go canoeing
blue, canada, and city image blue, building, and canada image
30. Visit CN tower
blue, bowling, and neon image Temporarily removed
31. Bowling
aesthetic, chic, and fashion image girl, summer, and pink image
32. Spa Day
aesthetic, museum, and art image art and love image
33. Visit Museum
black, blue, and building image crazy, electro, and festival image
34. Visit Montreal
drink, girl, and holiday image beach, picnic, and summer image
35.Go Wine Tasting
adventure, aesthetic, and blue image outer banks, john b, and aesthetic image
36. Go Fishing
Image by clena🧚🏾‍♀️ Image by clena🧚🏾‍♀️
37. Go to a Jungle Gym
aesthetic and girl image bad, curls, and girls image
38.Go to a shooting Range
food and dinner image ice cream, food, and delicious image
39.Try New Food Spots
aesthetic, city life, and city lights image summer image
40. Boat/Yacht Party
Temporarily removed aesthetic, aesthetics, and alternative image
41. Archery
beach, bikini, and daydreaming image dive, jump, and swim image
42. Learn to Swim
Temporarily removed fun, summer, and hair image
43. Go to a carnival
photographer, instagram update, and izone edit image colors, photography, and idea image
44. Photo Shoot
Temporarily removed adventures, lol, and beautiful image
45. Go on a new bike trail
best friends, girlfriends, and cute image best friends, girlfriends, and party image
46. Sleepover
art, woman, and black artist image art, paint, and painting image
47. Painting
everyday look, white headband, and white crop top image Image by Mae
48. Take Aesthetic Pictures
Image by Mae asylum, bed, and room image
49. Escape Room
friends, beach, and girls image friends, aesthetic, and girl image
50. Campfire