Hey loves,

First of all welcome to my first article. I've been wanting to write something like this for a while.
I joined Instagram a couple months ago yes its a great app the home feed was great for inspiration of what your certain niche is for your insta.. However 2 months later I was completely bombarded with weight loss videos, botox photos and all of the Instagram home feed was ruined by this rubbish that I wasn't interested in? Now being a somewhat plus size woman that I am, I was pretty peed off by it, and I dread to think what Inpact it has on younger girls too.

Whilst I was on there all I was seeing was how beautiful everyone looked with their hourglass figures and not a single blemish or skin texture in sight.. Well let me tell you now, none of it is real I'm sure plenty of you have seen the account called @beauty.false on Instagram if not then please go and check them out as they post influencers & celebrity's from how they look in real life compared to photos on their Instagram feed.. And girl it's pretty shocking.

I ended up deleting Instagram because during those periods I was getting depressed and ever since I deleted it, I felt like me again it was the best feeling ever. Anyway girls what I'm trying to say is you don't need to use filters or photoshop to make yourself feel beautiful EMBRACE that skin texture
& SHOW your curve's without editing them I know today's beauty standards are hard but it seems like everyone just wants to be & look like Kim kardashian, but you know what Kim herself isn't perfect neither is her sisters why do you think they edit their pictures after all the surgery they had?..

At the end of the day we are only human and if some of you are still on Instagram then just have fun and be yourselves, just don't take the app to seriously when it comes to how someone looks because we all have flaws including myself.


Thank you for reading