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name: krista henderson
birthdate: october 15
age: 17

art, aesthetic, and dark academia image sign, tumblr, and love image


comic, girl, and Pin Up image beautiful, chilling, and female image
long wavy brown hair, dark blue eyes, full pink lips, and 165 cm


bitch, sex and the city, and quotes image friends, quotes, and rachel green image friends, bitch, and quotes image quotes, movie, and 90s image
introvert, caring but can be mean when needed, confident, blunt, honest


Image by 𝓛𝓲𝔃𝔃𝓪 𝓸𝓻 𝓛𝓲𝔃 Image by avamatthews
vintage, prefers wearing white and red


comfortable image music, autumn, and fall image
reading, writing poems, listening to music


dustin, gif, and season three image gif, set design, and season three image
claudia henderson, mother. dustin henderson, younger brother. she is especially close with her brother protecting him at all costs.


11, eleven, and series image stranger things, robin, and maya hawke image
eleven. she adores eleven and promised to protect her at all costs as she has been through a lot. eleven even said that she was like a sister and mother to her. robin. they hit it off almost right off the bat. they tease steve a lot together and somehow end of getting into trouble together.


1980, 80, and 80s image Image by e
steve harrington. at first she hated him as he was mean and found him annoying. once he got a bond with her brother she threat to protect her brother. she later gave him a second change due to her begging of her young brother. she seen how of a good person he was and how he acted like a mother towards the kids. she later felt herself falling for him.