Hello people!

I hope you're doing well. I'm here to share my favorite female characters in tvshows. There are badass women who fight for theirs convictions and who inspire me on a day-to-day basis.

Image by Maren tv show, awae, and anne with an e image
Anne - Anne with an E
Image by z atypical and casey gardner image
Casey - Atipycal
Image removed skin, cassie, and lovely image
Cassie - Skins
gif, s4, and season finale image gif, the 100, and clarke griffin image
Clarke - The 100
the nanny, quotes, and 90s image looks, moda, and the nanny image
Fran - The Nanny
lexa, the 100, and alycia debnam carey image lexa, the 100, and alycia debnam carey image
Lexa - The 100
gif, scene, and lucifer image gif, lucifer, and maze image
Mazikeen - Lucifer
aesthetic, character, and edit image anne with an e, anne, and feminist image
Muriel - Anne with an E
mary stuart and reign image mary stuart and reign image
Mary - Reign
Image by Ju. feminist, iconic, and norway image
Noora - Skam

Hope you enjoyed!