The popular MMORPG mobile game "RO Ragnarok: The Birth of a New Generation" has been updated with a new version today, and the player's long-awaited Rank 3 career is finally online! Qualified players can play more powerful new professions after completing the job transfer task. Each third-tier job has its own characteristics and charms. I believe that players can’t wait to enter the game and experience the brand new ones brought by the third-tier job. The pleasure of fighting.

Turn Three is finally open! What are the necessary preparations before transferring?

With the opening of Rank 3, the player’s adventure will enter a new stage. When the character completes Rank 2 advanced transfer and the Job level reaches level 70 or higher, the original Advanced Rank 2 profession can be transferred to a more advanced Rank 3. Profession, the six professions that can be selected are Ranger, Conjurer, Archbishop, Luen Knight, Cross Decapitator, and Mechanical Craftsman. However, in order to test whether the strength has reached the level of three ranks, the player also needs to receive the front in the ancient city cemetery After entering the ancient city and completing the three tests, you can go to Prondela to visit the Archbishop of Walmart and his former career mentor, and learn how to change jobs to become a stronger profession. For more Gaming news please visit