Would you get along with me with just the idols I describe myself?

I took it from a TAG I saw on Ig just doing this for fun!

Idols with the same height as me

fromis_9, lq, and seoyeon image loona and gowon image
lee seoyeon (fromis_9), gowon (loona)

Idols with the same birthdate as me

seoyeon and fromis_9 image kpop, Nancy, and momoland image
lee seoyeon (fromis_9), daisy (momoland)

Idols with the same birthyear as me

boys, idol, and jisung image kpop, chaerin, and cherry bullet image girl group, k-pop, and kpop image blue hour, green, and kpop image
jisung (nct), chaerin (chebull), monday (weeekly), hueningkai (txt)

Idols with the same zodiac sing as me

boys, kpop, and 127 image rose, blackpink, and roseanne park image Seventeen, vernon, and hansol image twice, jihyo, and park jihyo image
doyoung (nct), rosรฉ (blackpink), vernon (seventeen),jihyo (twice)

Idols with the same style as me

renjun, nct, and nct dream image beige, rose, and blackpink image bp, icon, and rose image renjun, huang renjun, and nct image
renjun (nct), rosรฉ (blackpink), jihyo (twice), seokjin (bts)

Idols with the same mbti as me

Image by stayliz kpop, lia, and itzy image lia, itzy, and midzy image skz, stray kids, and bang chan image
bang chan (skz), lia (itzy),

Idols with the same hobby as me

jaemin, nct, and na jaemin image beautiful, yeonwoo, and ahin image
jaemin (nct), jane (momoland)

Idols with same musical taste as me

twice and chaeyoung image nct jaehyun, kpop, and jaehyun image
chaeyoung (twice), jaehyun (nct)

Idols with same physical feature as me

asian boy, eyes, and kpop image yuna, itzy, and shin yuna image
v (bts), yuna (itzy)

Idols with same body type as me

asian, girl group, and korean image seoyeon, fromis_9, and lee seoyeon image
yeri (red velvet), seoyeon (fromis 9)

Idols with the same habilities as me

SM, nct, and chenle image SM, nct, and chenle image kim, kpop, and inseong image inseong image aesthetic, kpop, and lq image beautiful, girls, and le image
chenle (nct), inseong (sf9), hani (exid)