"Women are powerful. They're as beautiful as any storm out there!"

" I- Lea, I didn't say otherwise, but it's still too much to break up with him because he couldn't name what kind of storm you'd be!"

"That's not the point! Plus, you could immediately tell what storm I'd be! "

Hannah just laughed, eyes wide open. She sighed, with a sigh that seemed to say I give up.
"So what now? wanna date me instead?"

I thought about it. Hannah and I have been friends since childhood, but lately she's been too busy for me. She's got new science friends she gets along with. She's always been more independent than me.
She snapped her fingers in front of my eyes. "Lea, I was joking."
"No, no, wait, you've got a point."

There it was. That laugh- like what I say always surprises her into laughter. "You're not even into girls!"

you. I raise my eyebrow at her. "But you are?"

She looked taken aback, her eyes fluttering more than necessary, and she fell into a quiet silence.
I couldn't help the smile of victory that took over my features. "Go out with me, Hannah."
Would it be too much if I took her hand right now? I grabbed her hand between mines with caution. When she just stared at it, I knew it was the right move. Hannah isn't often that quiet, but when she is, you know she's become a chocolate fondue full of emotions.

Just a bit more, if I push a bit more... I want Hannah's full attention. I want to take over her time, her affection, everything. It suddenly hit me- how much I've missed her and the number of things I'd do for her. She's way too precious to me to just be a friend.
I put my hand on her cheek, ready to push her face forward so she'd look me in the eyes. "Hannah..."

I couldn't finish my sentence before her lips pushed against mine, sending us tumbling down in the motion.
"Hannah, what was that- what was that, Hannah" I searched for her eyes, but they were guilty runaways and didn't want to be caught. Then she grabbed my cheeks and kissed me again. This was definitely not a comfortable position; I was halfway seated on my chair, my head touching the ground and blood rushing backward.

"Hannah," I stifled my laughter, still a bit under shock, "If you're so eager, you can't ditch me for your science guys again, right?"

That was enough to get her off me.

"That's the worst moment for that fight, Lea."

I smiled at her, all teeth out. I'll have to bite her a bit at some point. I'll have to tattoo my name on her too.
"Just saying. I'm a possessive lover."

She fell silent again, but this time she had this knowing smile on, and I knew everything was going to be okay. "Everything for you, your majesty." The skin on the back of my hand prickled on the spot she had kissed.

Hannah and I are roommates at the uni's dorms. It was Saturday afternoon, and I was making pancakes when she came home, all tooth out in a cheeky smirk. She immediately went to kiss me, still bubbling in laughter as she did.
"Something good happened?"

"Yeah. I met your ex."

I looked at her for a minute, convinced a camera would pop out, and we'd laugh that off.
But she simply shook her head and put a finger in my pancake batter. I looked at her with a pout. She looked back with mischievous eyes and licked her finger.

"No pancake for you if you don'-" "Okay, okay, sorry."

She still gave me a mysterious look before she took a seat and started talking.

"So I was at the bus stop, about to come home after chemistry, right. Then he came in and sat right next to me, acting all chummy. I immediately gave him the stink eye, but he's a bit dense, Lea." She looked at me like she was expecting an explanation for that. I shrugged, as clueless as her.
"Right. Then he started talking to me. Like we're friends. You know me, I don't play nice if you don't deserve it. Like-

80s, car, and indie image

I should have punched him, right?"
"No, he doesn't matter at all, love," I answered genuinely. She gave me a soft smile, then looked down at the drink I gave her.

"When I interrupted him, I said: so you fucked up with my girl."
Butterflies erupted in my stomach when she called me her girl. I shifted in my seat, focusing on what she was saying. "he's a real piece of work. He started criticizing you and finding fault with you. So I told him directly, I told him, 'you think you're funny, huh? You think you're a smart man, and you got it all figured out.' Right, and then I looked him in the eyes, and I gave him some friendly advice."

She was making her eyes all round, and her voice went higher in the treble. Like she wanted me to believe how much it was really innocent friendly advice she gave him. But I didn't care. I was so invested in this beautiful girl with two little horns.

"I said, 'Your mom died when you were young, right? I get it. It's the inner monologue of She abandoned me; she's the villain, blablabla. You're still the same stupid little boy. You haven't grown up at all. That's fine; it's a man's world, you can. The problem is you've hurt my girl- and you have no right to speak ill of her behind her back. If someone ever asked what happened with Lea, tell them you didn't love her like she deserved to be loved. But don't worry, I'll treasure her instead, from now on.'

Then I took my bag and walked out. You should have seen the look on his face. He looked shellshocked. It felt so good. But then he grabbed my arm.
'Do you know the answer to the storm question?' he asked. Then I told him, 'she's a woman, not a storm. You just needed to bother answering. She can be any storm in the world, but the second you didn't bother to think about it and answer something, you lost her."

"You were really mean to him tho, Hannah."

"Yeah, I was. I'll be unapologetically awful to your enemies. You know I'm not nice."

"Not at all, you're the nicest person I know" Then she got that surprised laugh again and kissed me.
"Only to you, love. Only to you."

You see, Hannah taught me a lot. Some people told me how bad of an influence she is, but I think she's pure genius. I learned to have punch through her influence. So I won't let the world walk over me, and I'll stand tall- because she's been by my side for so long. Knowing that she's loved me all my life is the biggest confidence boost there is.