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How difficult it is to find the courage to love yourself
How complicated it is to take the right decisions for yourself
How important it becomes to know when to say no for your peace of mind

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The pandemic changed in such an important way how we perceive ourselves and the relationship we have with our mind and body.
This huge stop the world suddendly suffer made us rethink our interacations, routines and relationships, and somehow we resurfaced as different persons. Now is our goal to learn to love this new person we have become and find the rythm that we lost. Come back to our routines, our social intercations, our new reality, but in order to do so we need to fix our hearth and mind and understand how much we have changed, the things we are willing to accept and the thing to need to fix to feel happy.

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Now is our mission to take the best decisions for ourselves to feel completly happy and healthy again, is going to be a long process but we need to do everything in our power to find our peace again