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name: krista black
species: werewolf
birthdate: october 15
changed: 2007
birthplace: la push, washington


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long straight dark brown hair, green blue-ish eyes, big nose, freckles on cheeks, full pink lips, and 160 cm


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introvert, homebody, caring, funny, sarcastic, hopeless romantic, daydreamer


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light academia, elegant


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krista black was born to billy and sarah black. during childhood, her, her brother, and her sisters, jacob, rachel and rebecca were sometimes acquainted with charlie swan's daughter, bella, though they never became real friends and bella remained mostly in california and phoenix. when she was younger, her mother sarah died in a tragic car crash, although she recovered from the pain better than her sisters did, thanks in part to her sisters, rachel and rebecca, filling the role of mother for her as much as they were able. rebecca married a man named solomon finau and moved to hawaii, while rachel moved away to attend washington state university as soon as she finished high school. since her sisters were away, her and her brother became her father's only company at home, especially after he became wheel-chair bound due to diabetes. however, she did not resent taking care of her dad; in fact, she enjoyed her father's company.


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strength. she is the strongest out of the pack.


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billy black, father. sarah black, mother. rachel black, older sister. rebecca black, older sister. jacob black, older brother. ephraim black, great-grandfather. she is close with all of them especially close with jacob as they tell each other everything and is protective of one another.


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alice cullen. alice adores her. forever supportive and caring as she is, alice and her have a soulmate-like bond. jasper hale. her and jasper hit off almost right away. she always felt comforable with jasper. both of them are very quiet so they don't talk a lot but with a bond like theirs no words are needed. she loves jasper and always goes out with him and alice


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seth clearwater. they first met when he joined the pack. getting along and became close very fast. always spending time together and sitting next to each other. months later they imprinted on each other and started a serious relationship.