If you missed the first one:
Not all of these songs are 'cinematic' because of their genre, they just give me cinematic vibes I suppose.
Symphony - Charlotte OC
aesthetics, earthy, and hair image Image by Giselle
I'm pulling you higher to kick you down
Effortlessly - Madison Beer
beauty, elegant, and modelo image whereisthisfrom? image
But I'm still fading. I can't save me.
End Game - Taylor Swift (feat. Ed Sheeran & Future)
friends, night, and city image couple, love, and black and white image aesthetic, building, and city image friends, friendship, and inspo image
Ooh, you and me would be a big conversation.
Afterlife - Hailee Steinfeld
fashion, dress, and white image angel, statue, and black and white image Image by san junipero light, hand, and power image
Will you promise me you'll search for us? Will you find me after life?
Furnaces - Ed Harcourt
girl, friendship, and friends image couple, ariana grande, and sunset image
This is junkyard love. On the scrapheap of lust.
To the Wonder - Aqualung (feat. Kina Grannis)
sky, sunset, and aesthetic image beach and summer image
There's a song we sing... Elemental sound
Safe - Daya
Temporarily removed aesthetic, family, and baby image
Closed hearts make closed minds
Between Wind and Water - Hael
reign, Queen, and dress image ming xi image love, romeo and juliet, and douglas booth image fashion, nails, and style image
so lost in this I keep slipping farther
Stand Still - Sabrina Claudio
beautiful, Relationship, and sexy image Image by e.
Your so unawre that I'm feeling the same thing. The same damn thing.
I feel Like I'm Drowning - Two Feet
clandestine, aesthetic, and espionage image black and white, beautiful, and model image pretty little liars, troian bellisario, and spencer hastings image sniper image
All my friends think you're vicious. And they say your suspicous
Capsize - Frenship
aesthetic, black and white, and body image selena gomez, selena, and smile image
I'm fine. Drop tears in the morning. Give into the lonely.
White Lights - JOYNER
back, reflections, and sadness image boyfriend, love, and Relationship image
When I turn back I was on the front line oh. Looking back I see you clear in my white light
Hawaiian Mazes - BANKS
black, boys, and girlfriend image game over, lose, and sad image
But, babe, it was something 'bout the way you loved me