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Date : July 23 - August 23

How he is : Attractive, charismatic and always at the center of attention. A typical Leo is usually extroverted, loves to spend time with his friends and enjoys the finer things in life. He likes everything luxurious and good-looking. So you probably know what type of girl he dreams about.

How to get him : You know what Leos really like? Compliments. So don’t be scared and compliment him about something. For example, that he has a great fashion sense (and Leos usually DO have great fashion sense) or that he is smart, good at sports, good dancer, etc.. Also you have to be confident. Shy girls have no chance with this male. Leo is a king and he needs his queen. Another way how to get his attention is to be feminine, sexy and a little bit excess. Tight clothes, cat eyes, red lips, sparkly accessories.. and high heels.

How does he kiss : He knows how to do it. He makes you feel like a protagonist in a romantic movie. He is passionate, suave and he will drive you crazy. He is temperamental, competitive and he needs to know that he is the best lover. His positive trait is, that he can quickly learn new things and he likes to learn them. A total win.

How to make your love last : As I already wrote, he likes compliments. When you compliment him a lot he feels amazing and will do everything for you. Another way is that you should take great care of yourself. He wants to have the most beautiful woman on earth. And last thing is that you have to have your own opinion and don’t be easily influenced by others.

How to break-up with him : His worst fear is to get dumped. However, this is not always the best option - if you dump him, he will turn into your worst enemy. Trust me. Much better way is simply being annoying, let him wait a few times and he will quickly find out that you had him enough.

Famous leo boys/men : John Stamos, Shawn Mendes, Daniel Radcliffe, Barack Obama, Tom Brady, Joe Jonas, Dylan Sprouse, Chris Hemsworth, Paul Wesley, Cole Sprouse, Young Thug, Ben Affleck, Robert De Niro, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kevin Spacey, Patrick Swayze, Sean Penn, Stanley Kubrick, Austin Butler, Louis Armstrong, Matthew Perry, Antonio Banderas, Alfred Hitchcock, David Duchovny, Matt LeBlanc, Neil Armstrong, Tony Bennett, Sidney Crosby, Woody Harrelson, Steve Martin

celebrities, celebrity, and Leo image

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