a concept playlist to celebrate the one year anniversary of folklore

Even in the midst of re-recording her entire back catalogue, Swift still has an ace up her sleeve. On Friday night, she surprised fans with a comprehensive collection of the folklore/evermore universe, reimagined as a double album — an anniversary gift, marking one year since the release of her Grammy-winning isolation album, folklore. the folklore/evermore collection features all of the songs from both of Swift’s 2020 sister albums, separated into two acts that play into the storytelling of her songwriting.

“folklore started with imagery,” Swift quotes on the release statement, “and evermore followed from its creativity. To me, the two worlds have always been inherently and intricately interwoven and I wanted to create something that reflects that.” She thanks the fans for their enthusiastic embrace of her quote, creative whims. “The way that you took these albums and wrapped them around yourselves, like an old cardigan, during a time of global isolation is what took folklore from album to experience."

Act I tells the story of love lost in its various capacities. It starts early in life, the best friend of your childhood whom you cannot recall or your first love turned heartbreak. As we grow, the blows become harder to bear, but sometimes you just don’t know the answer until someone’s on their knees and asks you. You become the maddest woman this town has ever seen and no one likes a mad woman. Or you hold onto the illusion, even when no is around, on your tallest tiptoes. Either way, you eventually come to know in your bones when it’s time to go.

aesthetic, afternoon, and alive image Image by iwasalilac_sky snow, winter, and nature image black, orange, and bus image
seven / betty / exile (feat. Bon Iver) / coney island (feat. The National) / cardigan / champagne problems / the last great american dynasty / dorothea / 'tis the damn season / my tears ricochet / hoax / tolerate it / mad woman / closure / this is me trying / mirrorball / it's time to go

In Act II there is reflection; looking back at the one that almost was, the hope of summer love, the quite epiphanies that get you through hardship, and happiness in the history we share with others. In states of reflection, every moment is romanticised. From the start, in beautiful rooms, to meetings in parking lots that signify the end of a magnificently cursed affair. Two swindlers con each other into falling irreversibly in love, tied together by a single thread of gold. And perhaps the pain you once thought would be forevermore, well long story short, you survived. Your mind turns lives into folklore.

art, hair, and lips image August, folklore, and Lyrics image autumn, fall, and lake image couple, goals, and lovers image
the 1 / august / gold rush / cowboy like me / no body, no crime (feat. Haim) / illicit affairs / right where you left me / willow / ivy / invisible string / long story short / epiphany / peace / marjorie / the lakes / evermore (feat. Bon Iver) / happiness

Listen now on streaming services or the exclusive double album vinyl, available on Swift’s website for $13. Happy folklore anniversary!

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