about me

name: margarethe beck
date of birth: 6th june of 1899
occupation: member and bookkeeper of the peaky blinders
residence: birmingham


arm tattoo, converse, and girl image Image by valumarozzi vintage image tattoo and art image
brown hair, brown eyes, lots of tattoos on the upper chest & arms


quotes, care, and words image smoke, cigarette, and grunge image gun, meme, and grunge image beige and brown image quotes, motivation, and smile image Temporarily removed 1960, 60s, and alfred hitchcock image slut, quotes, and whore image
traits: mysterious, secretive, angry, loud, violent, kind, soft, passionate, emotional, open-hearted, understanding, melancholic


aesthetic, fashion, and shoes image beautiful, clothing, and cream image fashion, black, and dress image Temporarily removed dark academia image dress, vintage, and white image


theme image knife, dark, and black image Temporarily removed always, c, and have image aesthetic and drink image smoke, cigarette, and black and white image


joe cole, series, and peaky blinders image
john shelby
gypsy, joe cole, and lee family image
esme shelby
cillian murphy, peaky blinders, and tommy shelby image
thomas shelby

love interests

iconic, period drama, and retro vintage image Temporarily removed cillian murphy, grunge indie hipster, and peaky blinders image cillian murphy, tommy shelby, and brothers image
arthur shelby
Image by gobblinbread arthur, gif, and ada image quotes, peaky blinders, and tommy shelby image aesthetic, attractive, and beauty image
later: thomas shelby (one-night-stand)
peaky blinders, tom hardy, and alfie solomons image gif, tom hardy, and peaky blinders image gif, tom hardy, and peaky blinders image gif, tom hardy, and peaky blinders image
and even later: alfie solomons :)