Kang Seulgi as Bella
bella swan, breaking dawn, and kristen stewart image book, red, and lady image skins, cassie, and eat image album, monster, and red velvet image
i'm talking about bella cullen, not swan (that wouldve been more sana) <3 i meeaan monster seulrene is just vampire 101 but seulgi fit better for some reason lol
Park Seonghwa as Edward
japan, photography, and train image edward cullen and twilight image seonghwa, ateez, and kpop image 1900s, ancient, and egypt image
literally the first time i saw seonghwa, i immediately thought of edward and it's been like that ever since.
Shin Yuna as Renesmee
clouds, sky, and wallpaper image yellow, yuna, and itzy image Temporarily removed school, japan, and sun image
prettiest babies of the groups. full of love and always shining. i just love them pls <3
Kim Taeyeon as Esme
flowers, sky, and aesthetic image cullen, elizabeth reaser, and esme image girls, snsd, and kpop image aesthetic, blue, and city image
sweetest motherly figures exactly. taeyeon isnt only mom to snsd, but also to ever sm hoobae, just like esme treats everyone - even quiletes as her children
Kim Namjoon/RM as Carlisle
Carlisle Cullen, twilight, and bloody mary image carlisle, pennsylvania, and usa image alternative, grunge, and hospital image black, idol, and pack image
smartest, most supportive fathers. you cant tell me anyone fits carlisle better, just no.
Jeon Soyeon as Rosalie
gidle, soyeon, and i burn image blue, empty, and house image flowers, aesthetic, and blue image twilight, book, and eclipse image
my ultimate comfort character. rose and soyeon both look cold at first, but in reality are some of the most caring people ever and would do anyting for people they love. not to mention they wont take shit from anyone. shit i love these two so much! </3
Kim Matthew/BM as Emmett
kellan lutz, twilight, and cute image deer, forest, and nature image clouds, lightning, and sky image aesthetic, asian, and asian boy image
the iconic egg carrying scene just screams matthew energy, i rest my case.
Kim Jennie as Alice
dress image alice image dark, fashion, and photoshoot image aesthetics, art, and blue image
absolute fashion icons who are also the sweetest friends and always ready to help everyone
Lee Taemin as Jasper
jasper hale image quotes, green, and motivation image corset, theme, and aesthetic image advice, Taemin, and black and white image
idk this just makes sense to me- plus theyre the prettiest lol

i feel like i also need to do Volturi and Quileutes lol

|♡|huge thanks to everyone whose photos i used!|♡|