Heyyy guys! I really really love Kpop and Blackpink is my favourite group, so I thought I could write an article about it. Also, I wanted to say sorry to every Army, because of what happened on twitter. It wasnt me and I would have never written something like that and I dont think its ok from other Blinks.

Lets start!


blackpink, lisa, and jisoo image dance, kpop, and lisa image
I just love this song and the video with so much color and confidence. Its definitely in my top 5

- Kill this Love

blackpink, jennie, and lisa image Image by Blackpink
Kill this love is the first Blackpink song I heard and I liked it at the first moment

- Bet you wanna

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I know its with cardi b, but its also from Blackpink and I like this song so much. I think its such a song, when you hear it, you just have to sing along

- Pretty Savage

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I really love this song. There is so much girl power in it

- Kiss and Make Up

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I also like Dua Lipa very much and I was so happy when I heard about their song together!!!

Thats it!!!

I hope you liked it!

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