to love was the happiest thing i ever felt. an embrace that was indescribable. i see visions of you in different dimensions. will you unlock my heart once more?

she was a winter flower, dancing in the snow.
her translucent skin seemed to camouflage in the depths of the white, foggy air.
her hair was like white silk, draped around her shoulders like a shawl.
i watched the ice descend from her mink eyelashes, disappearing without a trace.
her cold glare shut me out like a locked door.
she had pale skin, like powder.
her voice was a storm, just like her heart.
her breath was minty trails of ice, leaving an essence of vapor.
a girl that would sleep in your mind.
a final goodnight, a morning surprise.

in my mind everything wanders, i get lost in your eyes. i'm drowning in the wave of your loving gaze. i only want your soul wandering on my skin. and at night i cry, tears running down my cheeks. i only think of you when the dark day falls on me. my sad demons, in the bottomless abyss. love me until the roses fade. may our souls sink into deep limbo. and at night, when everything is dark, i watch you dance.

night watcher
midnight dreamer
stolen kiss
i thought your love was a promise
she's a masterpiece