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So...I remember in my first phase of being an Army, and long before I considered myself an Army, I used to watch those funny compilation videos about bangtan on youtube. And it was all fun, it's a memory I treasure because I enjoyed watching those videos so much and I spent hours and hours of it... I was also confused because I didn't consider myself a BTS fan but I knew details that non-fans would clearly NOT know. haha the denial.
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Whatever, this post is the opposite of that. I feel that once you know and feel that you are Army, you should be educated on more than just with cute videos. Many times there are new fans that fall for videos that just give a stereotype of what some members are like, a clear example is those "Min Yoongi is lazy" comments just because they saw an 8-minute video of Yoongi being sleepy.

There are a variety of videos that are informative and really give you an insight into many topics about BTS and Army, I feel you should give those a chance too if you really want to not fall into the game of ignorance.

These are only 7 videos, of course they are not the only ones, but I will start with these and because 7 is key in BTS.

Note: I will leave the title and author of the videos that you can type and find on youtube. I don't leave a link because this app will take down my post if I do so.


1) "The Writing Styles of BTS" by mera

This is one of those brilliant videos. It's about an hour talking about the lyricism of each member of BTS. It's amazing, you must watch it. For me it's a must-watch whether you're a baby army or an army of several years already.

2) "BTS HARDSHIPS 2013-2021 | Racism, mistreatment, accusations + more | Struggles throughout the years" by xCeleste

xCeleste has several videos on her channel that are really well done, each one tells something particular about BTS and they are almost documentary style. They are ideal videos for those who are not even BTS fans to learn more about this band and the people who support them and choose to call themselves Army. I've noticed that there are a lot of new fans on Twitter that don't know what is true and what is a fabrication about BTS's past, this is a clear video that not everything they say on fan wars is real, and yes, it seems like a nightmare but all that has happened.

3) "BTS with Dr. Jiyoung Lee" by K-DOC

It is not the first and will not be the last time that a professional talks about BTS and gives talks about them. That's how big the impact of these guys is. In addition to being discussed on TV programmes, they have also been debated in university lectures and have contributed to the writing of books with their stories. Dr. Jiyoung Lee, a Film-Philosophy professor and the author of โ€œBTS, Art Revolution" has spoken several times about BTS and Army, it's interesting, I think if you want to do an analysis it's worth watching the videos where she appears.

4) "The Most Beautiful Life Goes On: A Story of BTS" by The Asian Theory

If you want a overview of BTS's background, this is the video for you. It's one of those videos that people who are not even Army could enjoy watching.

5) "BTS ARMY: Inside the World's Most Powerful Fandom" by MTV News

Well, enough of the overly long videos. This one is for you to relax. I'll be honest when I saw "MTV" I didn't think it would be any good, but I've been surprised. This video clearly shows how diverse the BTS fandom is, Armys are not always the 15-year-old teenagers (which is not bad at all, but it's not true nonetheless.) It also shows the positive side of fandom. You know, a lot of times I've read that Army is toxic or that they're all obsessive freaks and since I've become a BTS fan, I've only gotten to hang out with really, really good people. And this is a controversial opinion, but almost always those "toxic Armys" are multi-fans or haters in disguise. I said what I said-

6) 8-years-old Army and 42-years-old Army by KVI ํฌ๋น„

It's not that deep of a video if I have to be really honest, but it's those "proof" videos that in the fandom, the age range is very, very diverse and goes beyond 15 to 20 years old. This is another fact that many don't seem to want to understand, Army is largely formed by adults, as well as people of colour. Some are blinded by the idea that being a fan is only for teenagers because they look down on teens as a bunch of brainless individuals. They don't even take into account that kids are BTS fans, in their own way of course, but fans nonetheless.

7) "What happens when you go to a BTS concert alone? | BTS Speak Yourself The Final Vlog" by ์•ˆ๊ตฌ์ •ํ™”TV, Your Korean Friend

This is a channel of a very committed Army. Her videos are so enjoyable!! it even looks like you're with her walking, eating, and shopping. I envy her, as my people would say, I envy her in a good way (?)


That's all for now, I wanted to keep it short. Will I do part 2? I don't know, maybe. I have a lot of work to do, so I'll see about it later...

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