Name: Ava Lynn "AL" Halliwell
Age: 16
Nicknames: AL, Halliwell
Pronouns: she/her, they/them

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Looks: Short, curly brown hair, hazel eyes, 5'2", wears academia-esc clothes and glasses.
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Sexuality: Homosexuality and identifies as a lesbian.
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Home: AL grew up in Tiverton, Rhode Island, which is a small town right on the water near Fall River, Massachusetts. Other than going to Boston, Massachusetts every once in a while to see the Bruins hockey team play and once when she went to Florida when she was 6, AL has never left the east coast. (A/N: Hi guys, I just wanted to say that I actually grew up in Tiverton, Rhode Island, and had yet to use my hometown for an article. The picture in the bottom right isn't Tiverton, but I couldn't find any pics specifically for Tiverton and I didn't have any good ones of the town lol)
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School: Gowpenny Academy of the Arcane Arts
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House: Chimeron
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Wand Final Form: Red Mapel wood with a Gold core and handle with a red gem on the end.
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Broom: The Hurry Flurry
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Familiar: Lazlo the Gecko. AL can communicate with him and he normally hides in AL's curly hair. He's just a cutie patootie.


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Kelly Halliwell: mother, daycare provider.
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Chuck Halliwell: father, sous chef of a restaurant a few towns over.
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Finn Halliwell: younger brother, little goofball.


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Sam Black: Sam and AL got along okay in the beginning, AL can be very shy and doesn't take to crowds well, so Sam tried distracting her with her phone and a video of Sam's mukbang. Eventually, they become close, like everyone else in the group, and AL would lean on Sam just because Sam had this aura that would help AL with her anxiety.
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Whitney Jammer: Jammer is just one of those people that once they like you, they're your friend for life. And that's what happened to AL, at first they were a bit nervous just because its usually jocks that would make fun of her in school, but once the group really came into their own and AL got to know Jammer as a person, they really got along well.
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Karen Tanaka / XxBrokenDreamXx / Dream / K: AL thought that Dream was so cool when they met, all goth and badass, but AL also found it funny that anything regarding magic Dream did become this pink, sparkly mess. When she found their true self, AL was really happy and saw how much K really bloomed in their new form.
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Evan Kelmp: Evan and AL both seemed to have a lot of anxiety (Evan more than AL) but that didn't stop their friends from helping them out and getting them to try new things with their magic. Evan also starts acting like an older brother almost to AL, being more protective and stuff when it came to them.
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Crush: Lemli Irving