actress, redhair, and beauty image art, flora, and gloss image
Madelaine Petsch as Bloom
lili reinhart image animation, archive, and tecna image
Lili Reinhart as Tecna
photoshoot and madelyn cline image 2000s, art, and bloom image
Madelyn Cline as Flora
lana condor image accessories, decoration, and flora image
Lana Condor as Musa
actress, pretty, and photoshoot image art, flora, and gloss image
Madison Bailey as Aisha
candiceking image art, flora, and gloss image
Candice King as Stella
perrie edwards, little mix, and wishmaker image flora, trix, and roxy image
Perrie Edwards as Icy
beautiful, brunette, and clip image trix, winx, and cartoon image
Jade Thirlwall as Darcy
little mix and leighanne pinnock image cartoon, stormy, and thunder image
Leigh-Anne Pinnock as Stormy