so here i am answering pointless questions that someone made (creds to them btw)

01. If you could switch lives for a day who would it be?

mmm no one tbh

02. One song that makes you happy?

Boogie Up by WJSN like omfg that song

03. Favorite color?

love, clouds, and sky image aesthetic, core, and virtual image blue, overlay, and png image anime, kawaiicore, and blue image
my all time fav is blue

04. Favorite smell?

the smell of midnight

05. What is your favorite flower?

blue, flowers, and purple image
i LOVE hydrangeas

06. What is your current obsession?

boys, cool, and idol image
this mf (jeno lee)

07. What was the name of your first pet?

i don't really remember tbh i've had so many pets

08. Favorite female solo artist?

rina sawayama and archive image
rina sawayama ๐Ÿ˜ซ

09. Do you believe in soulmates?

ye pls soulmate come home

10. Favorite animal?

gonna be basic as shit but cats

11. Favorite movie?

My neighbour totoro

12. Favorite TV show?

Winx and Lolirock on god

13. Hobby

Dance :3

14. What was your favorite movie as a kid

one of the carebear movies

15. Favorite group?

Image by Valentina Tolotti
nct dream !!!!!!