Hello everyone!

So, it's been a trend this summer to have picnics with friends. Me and my friends have had our fair share of these too, haha! Picnics don't just have to be about the food and pictures though, they can be themed, too, which adds to the fun imo.

Here are some creative picnic inspo ideas, and how to create your own cute summer picnic:

1. Pick an Activity

flowers and picnic image bouquet, craft, and crafting image tarot cards and gfriend image art, picnic, and hangout image picnic, food, and aesthetic image drink and food image
journaling, creating vision/mood boards, painting, tarot reading, reading books, flower picking, creating friendship bracelets, card or board games, spending time near the shore (and potentially swimming!)

As I mentioned above, most picnics focus on the food and the aesthetic of the hangout. And while that can be super fun to just take cute pics and get caught up for the first picnic, it gets boring if you keep repeating the same thing every picnic.

2. Pick a Food Theme

pizza, food, and friends image food, picnic, and wine image Dream, green, and picnic image aesthetic, editing, and unfiltered background image
lunch, charcuterie board, tea time, coffee time, fruit (for a healthier option)

We've all seen the iconic charcuterie board at picnics this summer! Other ideas could be having a tea-time picnic with baked goods and pastries. You could have fresh fruits and juice for a healthier option, or even have breakfast/lunch/dinner if you aren't much of a snacker!

Me and my friends are typically practical in the sense that everyone brings what they like/have in a shareable amount. The themes make it more fun though!

3. One for the Gram

food, nature, and picnic image nature, summer, and friends image aesthetic, flowers, and food image Image by Melissa green, picnic, and aesthetic image aesthetic, girlfriends, and girls image
gazing away, looking down at the picnic food/props, back pics, sleeping, using the props, eating/drinking, looking at the cam

Did it even happen if you didn't take cute picnic pics for the gram?! Most picnic pictures like to appear candid to give off the illusion of being relaxed, calm, and soothed. Above are some cute poses, but looking into the cam could be fun too, esp for future birthday posts!

4. Enjoy!

picnic, charcuterie board, and hangout image yellow, aesthetic, and guitar image heart, sky, and clouds image bubbles, Bank, and nature image
don't forget to have fun!

Ultimately, the most important part about having a picnic is relaxing and having a good time! After taking pictures, me and my friends typically play music, eat, sing, blow bubbles, shape clouds, talk or gossip (oops), and do whatever activity we had planned out for the picnic (if we have one chosen)!

I hope this article helps you create a lovely enjoyable picnic before summer ends! Wishing you a peaceful, lovely picnic, if you have one, and a restful summer :)

Take care everyone <3