There are two exterior doors in your home; the entry and garage door. Keeping these two doors and the windows clean enhances your home’s curb appeal and increases its longevity. Windows and doors Newmarket are a significant investment, and they give visitors the first impression of your home.

Doors and windows are made from different materials and with different designs, so the method you use to clean your previous door might differ from the current one. Although some materials are easy to maintain and don’t need to be cleaned frequently, you still need to clean them from time to time. Learn more about cleaning your windows replacement Newmarket units.

1. How To Clean Front Doors

The front door is the first part of the house visitors sees. If it is warped, dented, dirty, and faded, visitors, will get a bad first impression. You cannot create a second first impression, but you can take care of the door to maintain an excellent first impression.

Start the cleaning process by dusting off any dirt and dust on the door. You can use a piece of cloth or vacuum to suck the dirt. Do not sprinkle water right away. Water and dust will create mud, which is even harder to clean.

After taking off the dust, mix some cleaning agents with clean and warm water. You can use vinegar or baking soda. There are other cleaning chemicals in the market. It is essential to first know the recommended chemicals for cleaning your door type.

Use a spray bottle to spray the mixture of water and cleaning detergent on the door. Wipe the water off using a lint-free cloth or paper tissue. These ensure you don’t leave streaks when the door dries. Using a tough fabric leaves marks on the door, and this will reduce its curb appeal.

Also, choose good weather to clean the front door. If your house’s direction is facing the sun, you should clean the door in the morning. Washing in the hot sun will dry the detergent fast and form streaks, making the cleaning process more challenging.

2. How To Clean Garage Door

Just like the front door, a garage door is quick and easy to clean. Fill a bucket with warm water; add soap or a cleaning detergent of your choice, depending on the manufacturer’s instructions. Put them in a spray bottle.

Use a soft rag to wash the door as you sprinkle water on it. Use a hosepipe with high pressure to rinse the water away and a clean and dry towel to dry the door. Clean the lock systems and the hinges as well.

3. How To Clean Wooden Doors and windows Newmarket

Wooden doors and windows require regular more maintenance and care than other materials. Cleaning the door after a short period is not treated as a disadvantage because the door gives the house the natural look of wood.

When cleaning, you should use furniture polish for a good glow. However, you should dilute the cleaning detergents in water for wood doors and windows replacement Newmarket units that are painted. Failure to do this will wash away your door’s paint and force you to repaint it something you might not have planned for.

4. How To Clean A Steel Door

Steel is a material that needs less attention and which is easy to clean. You can use an all-purpose cleaner on the steel door and a sponge to scrub off any dirt. Use a spray bottle to spray the water and detergent on the door. Wipe the cleaning solution and dry the door using a paper towel.

5. How To Clean Glass Door

If your door is made of glass, it needs more care and attention than wood and steel windows and doors Newmarket. Glass easily attracts dirt and dust, which can reduce the door’s curb appeal. Before spraying water on the glass, use a cloth or vacuum to remove the dust.

Go in with a lint-free cloth in a mixture of clean water and cleaning detergents like vinegar or soda. Ensure you clean both sides of the door, together with the locking systems and hinges. Dry the door using a paper towel or a clean and dry lint-free cloth.