IELTS exam is one of the versatile English testing exams around the world. After overcoming COVID-19 pandemic situation, IELTS exam is conducting as usual throughout the year, 2021. It’s a qualifying exam which gives you an entry door to admit any foreign university where native language is English. Besides university admission, IELETS score is also helpful for seeking employment opportunities in multinational companies. But due to lack of guidance, many students failed to attempt this exam.
On an average, 7.0 percentile is the qualification marks for admission. Any candidate can easily get 6.5 marks without or small preparations. But to qualify with better results candidate should take it seriously.
Therefore, one should know about the syllabus of this exam. Basically, this exam have four categories
1. Reading
2. Writing
3. Speaking
4. Listening
Strategy to improve your Reading & listening skills
Reading and listening is one the easiest things that anyone can opted. Candidates having different characteristics (like talkative, shy, energetic, confused etc.) but seriously, reading and listening is one of easiest skill which anybody can used to. Therefore, candidate can be mastered themselves on their own. Coming back to the points, English novels, podcasts, and television news provides reading, listening and learning resources throughout the internet. Now a Days Podcast makes a serious blessing for all IELTS candidates who can get good source of listening practice skill through English TED talks or conversation which can improve listening skill. Also, smart phone gives beautiful blogs articles in their hand by which all candidates can sharpen their reading skills as well.
The best way to speed up writing skills
Writing skill I think second most important milestone after reading and listening skill. In IELTS, written skill test have configured with two tasks one is argument sections in which candidate should have command in good vocabulary to defend this questions and second summarize 150 words by given you a visual information like graphs, charts etc. All the answers are need to be the point-wise and relevance as close as possible. Practice is the main key to success in written exam which required regularly checking their answer sheet with experts who have good command in English. Answer should be in passive voice, shorter in sentence length and should be linkup with previous sentences.
Tips to speak English fluently
I think speaking is the hardest part in IELTS section because candidate needs to control their emotion and speak confidently. Ieltsonline says IELETS don’t check your fluency and intermediate spoken English can benefit to clear this exam. It’s better to practicing with your own in front of mirror, or you can try to communicate with friends with English or you can joined any English spoken classes. The best things I am shearing you that just think of points of any answers given to you before start talking. Jot down some points and starts talking in front of the examiner. This tactics can improve your score better in speaking section if you delivered your speech in a polite and humble manner.
The best ILETS preparation center in India
There are various well known coaching center is available like British council, Udemy, Futurelearn etc. As my experience those students who can’t afford to give high level coaching fee they also can planned to give IELTS exam at home. Otherwise you can consult our Team for better advice.
How to register for ILETS EXAM?
Initially, Go to official websites and Book a seat for IELTS exam, Then, Fill up your application from and upload your necessary documents. Lastly, payments of your processing fees for IELETS exam is about $ 215 to $ 250 (Approx. 14,700 INR) which can be paid via. Online, Debit. Credit cards, UPI transactions etc.
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