Dear Drama Lovers,

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To those who love Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese and other relatable Foreign Dramas. This is a list I compiled in my 12 year experience I have watched since 2009.

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I highly recommend all. I really appreciated the transition and evolution that I really noticed while watching all of these years worth of watching Dramas. From the past, present and future dramas. I really hope you guys notice such details and remember those details, cause you would be amazed how Dramas has improved since from the beginning till now. Although I do wish japan would make more Dramas then Movies.

1. Mars
2. Lie to me
3. Legend of the blue sea
4. Angels last mission
5. Healer
6. K2
7. Descendant of the sun
8. Queen and I
9. City Hunter
11.Boys over flowers
12.My Little Princess
13. You are beautiful
14. Strong woman
15. Heartstrings
16. Playful Kiss
17. Orange Marmalade
18. My love from the star
19. Pinocchio
20. The King
21. Personal taste
22. The doctors
23. Flower boy next door
24. Shopping King Louis
25. Master Sun
26. Oh my ghost
27. King of high school
28. The Masked Lover
29. Fall in love with me
30. Sassy Go Go
31. Go Go Squid
32. Love 020
33. Just you
34. Refresh man
35. Sunny Girl/Sunshine Angel
36. Meteor Garden
37. Mischievous Kiss
38. Tale of the nine tailed fox
39. Crash landing on you
40. Miss Rose
41. Kill me Heal me
42. That's okay that's love
43. Her private life
44. Hyde Jekyll, Me
45. My Holo Love
46. Love the way you are
47. My Unicorn Girl
48. Thumping Spike 1
49. Thumping spike 2
50. The secret life of my secretary
51. Love around
52. Love Alert
53. Dating in the kitchen
54. True Beauty
55. Love is sweet
56. poisoned love
57. Love cuisine
58. Oh my Venus
59. My ID is Gangnam beauty
60. My secret romance
61. Weightlifting fairy
62. Fight for my way
63. W
64. I'm not a robot
65. Bring it on ghost
66. Accidently in love
67. Best lover
68. Clean with passion for now
69. Shy boss
70. While you sleeping
71. The girl who see smells
72. I hear you
73. I hear your voice
74. Touch your heart
75. Protect the boss
76. What's wrong with secretary Kim
77. Blood
78. Love in time
79. Devil beside you
80. Sweet Combat

20 Dramas to go for it to make it a 100. So close, yet so far. But I'm proud anyways, 12 years. That is a long time and obviously many to come.
Next is 200 and so forth until I die, unless in heaven or where ever I'm going. Either way, ill probably continue watching after death.

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Who knows, maybe after a long day of being a grim reaper.

Ill be allowed some real quality drama time, i just hope they have wi-fi and a computer or a Flat screen TV.

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(If not to much to ask for a Bed or really comfy couch. Maybe a bean bag, I'm not picky or fancy.) I'd die happy, insert happy face

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PS. ill update as soon I hit 100.
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And watch Dramas.........