Hit that reset button of your life, you have probably been limited by your mind or overthinking the future and how things will evolve from now on, with all the misfortune and unfortunate events going around the world or in your daily life. That's why it's time to reset, why overthink stuff that has not happened yet? you are just imagining bad scenarios and going through the stress twice.
Remember who you are, and engage in highlighting that. What you have been through is just growth, it's a blessing in disguise, it comes to shake you up to change for the better to upgrade your life and your environment, and to reflect on your current situation and connections and where you want to head out from now on.

So keep that in mind to avoid all kinds of self victimizing and negative overthinking of the past. It happened, it's done, there is nothing to change there so get out of it.
With that being said, re-arrange your life, and I don't mean right away, think of ways to do so now that the whole world is in halt, take this time for reflecting and planning and defining your priorities.

Trust in the process, everything that is meant to be will come at the right timing.