Hi guys, for today's article I wanted to do a this or that challenge that I've never done here on whi, which is the fashion one. I'll link some of my this or that challenges if you're interested in reading them or doing them as well :)

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Colorful or neutral clothes ?

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Jeans or sweatpants ?

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Jeans, in particular jeans are my fav clothing item as you guys probably already know, and my fav ones are skinny high waisted <3

Shorts or skirts ?

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mh this is kind of difficult because I actually wear both and it depends on the day and what I feel like + what I have to do / where I have to go. I'll say shorts, mostly jeans shorts because they're super comfy to throw on and do what you have to do for the day. Skirts are maybe for more important occasions ahah

Rompers or dresses ?

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I wear and love both ahah it depends again on the event, I would choose a dress for a more formal and significant event ! A romper for an everyday outfit :)

Leather or denim jacket ?

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I have both and love to wear them; I would choose the leather one because it is more practical maybe and goes with many different things and colors. Also, I like to style something like an evening elegant and romantic outfit with it, to give it a rock and cool side !

Sneakers or heels ?

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I hardly ever wear heels in my life, just for some parties and celebrations, but I'll say heels because I like them more ! They're sexy and cool and I should probably start wearing them more :)

Purses or backpacks ?

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Purses of cours ahah

Sunglasses or glasses ?

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well, I actually don't like myself wearing glasses or sunglasses a lot.. I should wear glasses because I have a prescription since my first year of university, so 4 years ago, because I started having sight problems, but I never use them besides to watch tv which is far away from the sofa, but I hardly ever do it because I normally use my computer to watch tv shows or movies. My prescription glasses are clear and I love them !
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while for the sunglasses, I only like big black pairs which covers a lot of your face and I think this is the only shape that kind of goes with my whole face and appearance; I never tried other colors for sunglasses or other shapes because they look so bad on me. I have a pair that my bf got me for my birthday, as I mentioned in this article, and they're Dolce and Gabbana black sunglasses with gold details, they're cute !

Long sleeves or short sleeves ?

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well it depends on the season ahah I would say short sleeves just because I prefer spring and summer

Fancy or casual ?

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I wear casual clothes everyday, but if I have to choose, I can say that I loooove to dress up when I have something special to go to <3

Overdressed or underdressed ?

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The right dressed ahah

High street or high end ?

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High end

Hat or cap ?

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And now the fashion quiz part :

Do you read fashion magazines ?

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No I don't, because of the internet I guess

Which season is the easiest to be fashionable ?

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That's not easy, but I would say summer because you have to wear less things and so it is super quick to get ready just with a mini dress on, or a skirt and a top, or shorts and a t-shirt and so you're basically simple but yet cute

Can you be fashionable without spending money ?

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Yes of course, I don't have a lot of good brand pieces, I normally buy quite cheap stuff for my clothing, but I feel like in this way you can own a lot of different clothes and style them more everyday. I don't like spend too much money on a single piece of clothing :(

Who is the most fashionable in your family ?

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Of course my mother, she loves fashion, she's fashion crazy I'd say and she owns many many clothes and shoes and bags and sunglasses and jewelry ahah because she's been collecting everything through the years without throwing anything away. Her style is colorful, classy, elegant, formal and chic <3

What would you wear to a disco ?

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something shiny, sexy, cute !

What color would you wear on your fist date ?

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for the first date, maybe a romantic dinner, I would wear a white or red dress !

What would you wear to a wedding ?

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that's fun because I'm actually going to a wedding next Sunday, which is my cousin's wedding and I haven't been to a wedding in years and years so I'm super excited. In this specific occasion I'm going to wear a long and elegant jumpsuit in the color light blue, which is also something kind of different for me, that I don't normally wear :)

Ok guys so this was my article for today and I hope you liked it, feel free to also do the this or that fashion challenge or the quiz and tag me in your articles ! Next articles are coming soon so stay tuned for those,