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hii guys! i watched a few barbie movies this week, so i was inspired to do this! i hope you enjoy reading <33

01. ARIES - Merliah Summers (Barbie in a Mermaid Tale)

"Craziness clearly runs in my family."
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When I think about aries, I think about a confident, strong & competitive person who also may have struggles deep within themselves. Using this description, the first person who I thought about was Merliah! She is a super talented surfer who can be competitive, and she's normally confident, however in the first movie she had trouble accepting her decision as mermaid royalty, however she learned to accept that she is half mermaid, and she's a beautiful person💙💜
"I am Merliah, half mermaid half princess of Oceana and it is my duty to protect my subjects!"
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02. TAURUS - Eden Starling (Barbie in a Christmas Carol)

"I don't need you to tell me I was brilliant, I know I was brilliant."
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If I'm being honest with you all, I thought Eden was a spoiled brat when I was growing up. But now that I get older, I realize that there was more to her character. Her aunt was a cause towards her spoiled behavior, since her aunt always told her that "In a selfish world, selfish people succeed". This caused her to become an egoistic & confident person. However, later on, she realized that her actions were bad, thanks to the Christmas spirits. Many tauruses that I know may seem spoiled and rude at first, but with a little help and understanding, their true personality (a stubborn, but sweet and talented person) shows❤️❤️
"You all were incredible! I'm so happy to be a part of your Christmas."
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03. GEMINI - Clara (Barbie in the Nutcracker)

"I should never have come. What was I thinking? That I was going to find a magical princess?"
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the styling for this movie is beautiful. THIS WHOLE MOVIE IS BEAUTIFUL. When I first think of geminis, I think of beautiful, smart and kind people who love to explore the world & make new friends. Clara throughout the whole movie of Barbie in the Nutcracker was super friendly & smart. She knew how to solve problems in a peaceful way and knew how to escape out of situations. She made many friends and was super smart, just like the geminis I know💖💖
"I can't leave. I'm their only help!"
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04. CANCER - Princess Genevieve (Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses)

"It's about Rowena. She's changing everything, and she wants us to do everything her way, but we were fine before."
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Although I don't know much cancers, the ones that I know stay true to themselves, love their family & friends, and they aren't afraid to call others out on their bs. Genevieve always loves taking care of her sisters and family, and she instantly recognizes that Rowena is a bad person towards her family and her father. Despite Rowena not allowing the sisters to dance, Genevieve stays true to her passions and finds a way to dance along with her sisters. In the end she manages to expose Rowena and save her dad, and Rowena's banishment (just like cancer's sense of humor) never fails to make me laugh💚💚
"You probably don't remember, but mother always told us, big or small, there's a difference that only you can make"
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05. LEO - Princess Anneliese (Barbie as the Princess & the Pauper)

"I think you're like this. Unassuming on the outside, but a treasure within."
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Most of my leo friends may seem intimidating, but they're actually beautiful people who care for the greater good of everyone. Just like how Princess Anneliese may seem like she has a perfect life, but she's suffering because she has to get married to a stranger. Even though she doesn't love her future husband, she wants to marry him because she wouldn't want her mother to be dissapointed. She's also smart (she knows how to identify different minerals) and brave, which is another trait that leos have💓💓
"It's so good to be outside the castle walls. Nobody knows who I am."
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06. VIRGO - Blair Willows / Princess Sophia (barbie princess charm school)

"No one can make you feel inferior. Not without your consent."
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THIS IS MY FAVORITE BARBIE MOVIE. Anyways, I love virgos a lot. I still think of my virgo ex daily, The virgos that I know are hardworking, determined, funny & beautiful. Just like how Blair was incredibly hardworking, she worked a part time job just to support her family, and she was determined to succeed in Princess Charm School. She was also super funny. However, virgos also struggle with their insecurities often, and this shows when Blair feels inferior compared to Delancy. But with a few encouragement, she realizes that she is more than good enough and becomes Princess Sophia. She's so inspirational I love her so much 💕💕
"I am making a claim to the throne because I am Princess Sophia, daughter of Queen Isabella."
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07. LIBRA - Corinne (barbie and the three musketeers)

"All for one and one for all!"
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As a libra, I truly relate to Corinne more than any barbie character. She's ambitious, intelligent, caring and knows what she wants more than anyone else. At the end of the day, she just wants someone to understand her, which is something that I truly resonate with because none of my family seems to get me??? She wants to protect those that she loves dearly, when she finds out that Philippe is planning to harm Prince Louis, she becomes even more determined to become a musketeer so that she can protect him. She's an amazing character with big dreams and a big heart💕💕
"Still believe a girl can't possess the proper skills?"
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08. SCORPIO - Thumbelina (Barbie: Thumbelina)

"You had no right to take those flowers. And you're crazy if you think I'm going to let you destroy that field,, my home."
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My scorpio friends are screaming rn. Anyways, when I think of scorpios, I think of a fearless, assertive person who is determined & brave but also forgiving. Thumbelina fits that description. When her home is bulldozed, she stands up to Makena (who is wayyy taller than her) and she is determined to save her home. Despite most scorpios being intimidating, they're actually very friendly once you get to know them, and Thumbelina is an example of this. She didn't like Makena at first (I wouldn't either) but makes Makena become a better person, and they eventually become friends. Thumbelina is so determined & cool I love her so much :)
"Even the smallest person can make a big difference"
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09. SAGITTARIUS - Princess Annika (Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus)

"It's not fair! You don't understand anything! You're ruining my life!"
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As a sagittarius rising, yes. Annika may come off as annoying at first, but she's so much more than that. Shes brave, optimistic, ambitious and SUPER funny. Especially when she called that dude a mule. Every sagittarius I know is super funny & brave and caring just like her.
"For the love of my family and my people, I ask you to break all of Wenlock's spells."
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10. CAPRICORN - Barbie (Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale)

"You mean...expressing my opinion?"
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UGH THE AESTHETIC OF THIS MOVIE IS TOP TIER. Anyways, capricorns are typically traditional, outspoken, hardworking & fashionable. Barbie is a hardworking person, she saved her aunt's fashion house from closing down. She's also outspoken because she spoke out about her opinion on her movie, which resulted her to get fired. But her personality is amazing and the style is beautiful, just like capricorns themselves :))
"Magic happens when you believe in yourself"
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11. AQUARIUS - Rosella (Barbie as The Island Princess)

"I need to find my way, seize my tomorrow, learn my yesterday"
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No because you guys have no idea how much I loved this when I was younger. Anyways, Rosella has a lot of aquarius traits. She is brave, determined and intelligent, but also caring, this is shown when she puts herself in a dungeon instead of going back to the kingdom. She also loves animals & people, just like my aquarius friends do :))
"There may be miracles awaiting. They may be closer than we know. When we have love to guide us as we go"
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12. PISCES - Queen Erika (Barbie as the Princess & the Pauper)

"I work at Madame Carp's penitentiary—uh, I mean Dress Emporium."
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She's so funny and amazing. Erika is an amazing character, she's caring, determined, talented and brave. I love how she's determined to repay her parents debt. She's also a very talented singer, and she loves to dream about a better life. The pisces I know are hardworking, funny, sweet and determined people. They're amazing just like Erika.
"Though I know I have so little, my determination’s strong. People will gather around the world to hear my song!"
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thank you for reading! i hope you enjoyed (⌒_⌒;)

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