1] Just realize that not many people actually care, so just do your own thing.

2] Don't take care of everything personally.

3] Learn how to be confident.

4] Try to do stuff on your own, such as go to the movies or grab something to eat. It will help build your confidence.

5] Know and understand that you are not perfect and that is okay. No one is perfect. You are not for everyone, and everyone is not for you.

6] Opinions are not fact, they are based on the individual's perspective and intellect. Don't get easily bothered not other opinions.

7] If you are upset don't take it out on other people, learn from your own mistake. Observe your mood pattern and know who and why is affecting your mood and stay away from that.

8] Try to see from other people's perspectives.

9] All problems have a solution, maintain your calm.

10] Think twice before speaking.

11] Everyone has control over how they feel and react towards things. If you are negatively reacting to something then it is because you made the choice to do so. With a little bit of practice, It's easy to say whatever and move on with your life.

12] If you are nervous to do anything think - Will it matter in 10 days?
Will it matter in 10 months? Will it matter in 10 years?

13] Learn to control your anger.

14] Sometimes you need to do realize, It's not your circus, not your monkeys. It only becomes your problem if you accept it.

15] If people are rude, mean, or insulting, that is their issue, you maintain your calm.

16] Smile, Smile is a positive emotion. Smiling means you are always in your control.

17] Respect your time, don't change your plans for anyone unless it's important.

18] Listen to everyone but only do what your heart and mind tell you.

19] Take care of yourself as you would take care of a precious child.

20] You should not be wasting any time or emotional energy on people who are not worthy of your attention.