Personal growth is a consistent approach to improve the level of self-knowledge and to ensure growth in every aspect of life; such as mental, physical and spiritual for maximization of inherent potential to lead a truly contented life.

Personal growth is an ongoing process. There is no such thing like, limits or saturation point associated with personal growth. No matter at what stages of life you are, you can always find something to learn and grow as a person.

Personal growth makes a person better today than yesterday. It is your personal growth, which is going to remain with you forever. It becomes the intrinsic part of your personality. Your personal growth defines your own individuality; the core of your unique personality.

By the very personal growth definition, the area of personal growth is mental, physical and spiritual. There is great inter-relations among each area of personal growth. A healthy physic is essential for proper development of mind, and the growth in mental and physical areas cannot be beneficial for humanity in general without the good character; which are built by spirituality.