Your car is incomplete without headlights. Car Headlights affect the performance as well as the look of your car. With changes in technology, we have experienced a shift towards better car lights too. Since the options have several different features, it might get overwhelming to choose the correct lights. Hence here we will help you understand why and if, LED car headlights are better than the other lights.

Working of various car headlights

For starters, there are three types of headlight options commonly available. These are halogen, HID and LED car headlights. Halogens are the most primitive headlights and work on the basic principle of the light bulb. These are made up of a combination of argon and nitrogen which are trapped in an envelope along with tungsten. On passage of electric current, the filament heats and the same is visible in the form of light.

HIDs are a more advanced form of these bulbs which work on a similar principle. In these, the current is passed through xenon gas placed between two electrodes. Here ionisation of xenon along with vaporisation of the halide salt gives out light.
The most elite of the three is the LED car headlights. Where both these mechanisms are used but are changed for better working. Here two light-emitting diodes are used to produce light.
The simple working of these LED car headlights is one of the foremost reasons why everyone should opt for them. Due to their straightforward approach, these car lights have a long lifespan and low maintenance. Since there are no moving parts or filaments, the chances of LED headlights getting spoilt is rare.
The mechanism is also responsible for making these headlights so efficient. Since almost no light is wasted LEDs have the brightest lights. This amounts to saving on fuel costs too.

Brightness and coverage of LED car headlights
The function of headlights is to give out clear light without interruptions. Light from LEDs is one of the brightest lights that you can find. Moreover, they provide a clear white light that has good coverage and is widespread. This feature gives additional safety when LED lights are used as headlights.
A common issue faced by those who replace other lights with LEDs is the blinding of the onlookers. This is not by the function of the lights themselves but by how they are placed. Hence a word of caution for anyone trying out these lights: remember. The beams are high if not adjusted properly. This can be done easily with the headlight screw.

Power consumption
Another reason why you need these lights is that they are very low on power consumption. This way they do not put a strain on the engine and light up instantly on being switched on. The ability to light up in a few milliseconds can be a saviour for accidental collisions. With LED car headlights it is easy to drive even on the darkest of roads without fear!

Conclusion- Investing in LED lights to improve the sight of your car as well as to enhance the appearance of your car might be a good gamble to play. Considering the long term impact, LED lights make a fair deal.