cover: ghost world (2001)

third time doing this!! i always make fun of myself for my taste in music in the past, i'm pretty sure next year won't be any different, but it's not worst than the first one i did

fav song (not in orden):

i eat boys like you for breakfast - riot grrrl sessions
bark like a god - sloppy jane
hey boy - omar apollo, kali uchis
protoype - outkast
jonny - faye webster
louise - camille jensen

aesthetic, alt, and weirdcore image

i don't like:

idk led zeppelin fuck them


miss missery - elliott smith
lejos - bratty
i know the end - phoebe bridgers
paper birds - greer
spotless mind - emily lind
goodbye - bo burnham
the way i feel inside - the zombies

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reminds me of someone:

down by the river - buddy miles
run away with me - sufjan stevens
love u - shye

1960s, old film, and bygone era image


good bad times - hinds
tdbn - bratty
girlie - alexandra savior
loner boogie -boy azooga

text image

a moment:

LA who am i to love you - lana del rey (audio book)

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i know perfectly:

literally the whole inside album by bo burnham
kingstone - faye webster
lotta true crime - penelope scott
one foot in the grave - andie
goodbye yellow brick road - elton john
cruisin' to the parque - durand jone & the indications, y la bamba


sanitarios - caramelos de cianuro
solo - los mesoneros
i wish i was a riot grrrl - destructo disk
carolina - lasso
bezos I -bo burnham
mafiosa - nathy peluso

black image grunge, dark, and theme image


moon river - audrey hepburn
sogno l'amore - andrea laszlo de simone
mine - the 1975


my anual obsession for mars argo

mars argo image mars argo image

i identify with:

anything like me - poppy

art, black and white, and junji ito image

i loved it, now i don't:

every conan gray and harry styles song i'm so sorry i just can't

from favorite record:

sweet / i thought you wanted to dance - tyler, the creator, brent faiyaz, fana hues
lejos - bratty
come back and love me <3 - hinds
shutterbug - veruca salt
when you sleep - loveless

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i can play on an instrument:


i've would sing in public:

i know im funny haha - faye webster

60s, 70s, and 80s image

driving song:

townie - mitski
treat ya better - the criticals
isolation - cherry glazerr
summer girl - HAIM

light and night image


show me - bruno mars
kids in america - kim wilde
me liberé - mermelada bunch


quelqu'um m'a dit - carla bruni


a quick one before the eternal worm devours connecticut - have a nice life

no one expects to me to like it:

it depends..

anyways follow me on spotify i have a bunch of playlists and i hate them