you know what is so sick, that your exboyfriend of 2 years after you break up with him he calls you in the middle of the night and calls you a bitch and tells you that he can come at your work or home because you didn't tell him about your past something that i didn't feel comfortable about talking. he is going around and asking people about me and my past. this is it people never date vergins thay get too atteched too atteched .

Just rember how you are and alway put yourself first because no one is going to do it for you.

it makes me sick to my stomach how he can call and say such sick things and than a text like i will never call you again or text go fuck yourself dude im not the one how did you wrong. You are the one how is trying to make sense about the breakup i spoke my truth now is your time to make peace.

Be strong don't be like me to scared to break up with someone how is no good for you this it your remander you are young beautiful strong. beacuse i wish i had someone to tell me to get my shit together and not stay in a toxic relationship.

Toxic dosen't mean only him cheating or texting someone, making you feel small not to be able to talk for yourself telling you that you can't find better than him that is toxic and sick.

Thank you so much for reading xoxo