The memories of childhood is the sweetest thing for anyone. No one can forget childhood memories, whether they are pleasant or painful. When I think of my childhood, many vivid memories come to mind. Some are pleasant, some are painful. Whatever those memories, they are the first experience in my life and help me become who I am today. 

What I remember most is the moment I fell from the bicycle. I still remember that moment, pain and discomfort that followed. I was just five years old at that time. That incident made me more careful every time I ride my bicycle.

My brother taught me a lot. I learned how to make kites and spinning tops. In addition, we will go fishing. When we manage to catch a small number of fish, there will be improvement, and when we ourselves become victims of leeches, we will go downhill. bad! Thinking about them now makes my hair creepy. We have learned to respect the creatures in the countryside. Totally, those moments are awesome.
The fun of outdoor games in all kinds of weather, getting wet in the rain or soaking in the sand, is gone forever. Those golden days are carefree, carefree of various duties and responsibilities. Even fighting has its own charm. Now also I remember those days of fighting with my brother and our mom was always by my side when we fight. That memories brings smile in my face. Really I miss my brother now.  

Another unforgettable memory is about my school life. Actually I was not so bright in study. I always used to bunk the class and roaming here and there. I was the laziest girl in the whole class. One of the toughest task of my school life was essay writing. I was getting punishment most of the time for not writing assignments.

As the years passed, Most of my friends left the community and went to cities to continue their education and find their jobs. Some of us stay here. We have lost our childhood. We are now like strangers, because we have our own lives to live. The only thing that unites us is that we have the same childhood memories, which we will always cherish.

Every game, every activity conducted has taught a unique life lesson. The irony is that when I was a child, I always wanted to grow up quickly, and now that I have grown up, and grown up, I want to be a child again and relive everything. We can no longer hear the calls of birds and beasts. Instead, we heard the impatience of car horns and the roar of bulldozers stirring the once beautiful land. I really miss those moments.

Dear parents, The memories you create with your children will stay with them forever. Creating happy memories for our children is one of the best things to be a parent. New research shows that this may also be one of the most important things we can do, because our most precious and vivid childhood memories can accompany us throughout our lives. For parents, this should be an incentive to ensure that their children have these unforgettable experiences-they will accompany them throughout their lives.

By, Cecelia cartwright
(Designer, Passionate writer)