1. Family birthday

fashion image aesthetic, carefree, and summer image amazing, beige, and blogger image rings, jewelry, and accessories image
A tee with floral skirt in same color. Teamed with light colored heel sandals with rings.

2. Late night party

girl, aesthetic, and dress image fashion and shoes image bag, YSL, and fashion image earrings, jewelry, and accessories image
A red dress like in photo and black boot heels. Teamed with black shoulder bag and som earrings and small necklaces in gold.

3. Birthday

fashion, pink, and outfit image basic, heels, and beige image bag, beige, and fashion image makeup, glitter, and eyeliner image
Matching set like in photo with some light pink sandals. Teamed with white shoulder bag and makeup like in photo.

4. Fancy Resturant

fashion, outfit, and clothes image Image by Emma 🥃 shoes, beige, and heels image accessories, aesthetic, and bag image
White pants with bandana top in silk material. Teamed with white heels and light colored bag-

5. Wedding

fashion, style, and dress image long sleeve top, white crop top, and fashionista fashionable image shoes and heels image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Silk lavender long dress and short knit cardigan. Teamed with white heels and small necklace and hair as in photo.

6. New Years eve party

fashion, outfit, and style image 90s, autumn, and bad ass image fashion, boots, and aesthetic image aesthetic, makeup, and glitter image
Small black dress or crop top and bathing minidress in black with a white blazer over. Teamed with boots shown in photo and makeup as in photo.

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