Name: Nina Rapp
Age: 30
Middle Name: Victoria
Nicknames: Rapp, Na-Na (Christine), Rapp Tap Tap (sometimes Booth)

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Looks: Short blonde/brown hair, green eyes, 5'2'', fit.
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Backstory: Nina was born in Washington State and raised by a single mother after her father bailed on the two of them when Nina was 6. When she was 10, Nina's mom got remarried to a really nice man and they had a kid together; a little girl named Ingrid May. Nina grew up with her father popping in and out of her life, spending maybe 10 minutes with her before asking for money. After graduating high school, Nina joined the Air Force and did 4 years before being honorably discharged as a Staff Sergeant and attending the FBI Academy. She graduated top of her class and officially moved to DC to work in the J. Edgar Hoover Building for a couple of years as an entry-level agent. It took a couple of years but she then became a Special Agent and was soon introduced to Agent Booth and Dr. Sweets and the scientists at the Jeffersonian Institute. After a year of working with the team and Booth being sent to jail, Nina took over Booth's position and worked as head investigator with the Jeffersonian until Booth was released and approved to be back at work. After that, she continued to work with Booth and the team at the Jeffersonian, but also worked closely with Agent James Aubrey.


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Chelsea Becker: mother
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Aaron Rapp: father, estranged.
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Bert Becker: stepfather
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Ingrid May Becker: half-sister
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Job: FBI Special Agent


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Benjamin "Ben" Rigger: Travel Writer/Journalist, Ben, and Nina met when Ben was writing an article on the Cherry Blossom festival that happens in DC every year and Nina had joined her half-sister Ingrid to it. They dated for almost a year which led to when Nina started working with Agent Booth but eventually broke up because of Ben being away so much because of his job.
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Tabitha Quincy-Favret: Trauma Surgeon, Tabitha, and Nina met at a bar in DC and hit it off. The relationship didn't last though, Tabitha reconnected with an ex she still had feelings for and the relationship ended amicably.
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James Aubrey: FBI Special Agent, James met Nina while Booth was in prison, and worked together for a little while before Booth was released and approved to be back at work. At the time, Nina and her ex Tabitha had just broken up so Nina didn't really feel like dating for a while, but still felt a connection to James the more time they spent together. Nina was the only person to call James "Jamie" as others tended to call him either Aubrey or Jimmy. Eventually, in season 11, Aubrey who was also feeling strong emotions for Nina asked her out and the two had been dating since. At the end of the series, they had been dating for over a year, living together for a few months and James was thinking of proposing.


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Temperance Brennan: Acquaintance to eventual friends
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Seeley Booth: Friend and mentor
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Cam Saroyan: Acquaintance to eventual friends
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Angela Montenegro: Friend
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Jack Hodgins: Acquaintance to eventual friends
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Lance Sweets: Friend
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