"New Wonderful World" sneaking away ten days in advance

Players who have been looking forward to the new work of "new Wonderful World" for ten years suddenly received good news in their inbox: a complete digital version of "New Wonderful World."
Players who have pre-ordered the NS physical version of "New Wonderful World" in the Square Enix store began to receive digital codes on July 16. After testing, it turned out to be a full version of the game that can be run. The problem is that this game is supposed to be until July 27, but for some reason, a group of players got the official version ten days in advance.
On foreign forums, players began to share this surprise news. According to reports, other players who learned of the sneaking away from the digital version also went to the store to pre-order the game and received the digital version.

Players only need to pre-order the NS physical version of the game and pay the shipping fee to get the digital version of the game in advance. After pre-ordering, players will receive a digital activation code email. Enter the NS redemption code area to get unlocked and run-able "New Wonderful World" in the store.
Players believe that this situation is due to the wrong setting of Square Enik's code issuing system. The emails that sent pre-purchase rewards such as art pictures and original music were mistakenly sent as digital activation codes. This allows players who purchase the physical version to get a buy one get one free treatment.
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