Turning 30 this July ,Paula Hall went from being bullied in highschool and suffering depression with panic disorder, to a looked up to persona on Instagram known as username@thebaddieunit .

Her account has reached 12 k followers which is impressive for her current location in Canada. A total love for cosmetics , she now has been studying beauty internationally as a passtime . " It's been 5 years and counting " she stated ,as she puts down her Gucci phone bag and shows her growing popular Instagram page. "It's all about connecting with my fans and simply being ..myself "as she concluded her interview and giggled .

Paula Hall is the strongest person I know of. I went to highschool with her . She really didn't care what people thought about her , which was truely envious . She was her own pack and didn't need validation through social peer pressure despite chronical struggles at such a young age.

I am one of the people who now, look up to her . She is always up for a good time and couldn't be more chill to be around