atypical image fivel stewart, atypical, and casey garner image
Autism, funny, great characters

Favorite Character

gif, fivel stewart, and atypical image

Love, Victor

lgbtq, hulu, and victor salazar image love victor image
Lgbtq+, great characters, Love Simon references

Favorite Character

felix, friendship, and hug image

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

:3, jake peralta, and amy santiago image sitcom, tv, and b99 image
Funny, modern, great characters

Favorite Character

gif, peraltiago, and netflix image

Young Royals

young royals image erik, wilhelm, and young royals image
Lgbtq+, Swedish, social classes

Favorite Character

eat, serie, and simon image

Stranger Things

Image by lily love kitty image
Supernatural, 80s, great characters

Favorite Character

steve harrington, netflix, and stranger things image

Boy Meets World

aesthetic, kids, and memories image boy meets world, feminism, and quotes image
Funny, growing up, important lessons

Favorite Character

bmw, boy meets world, and gif image