Chuck Bass Gossip Girl

chuck bass, gossip girl, and ed westwick image love, gossip girl, and chuck bass image
Treats Blair like crap, tries to rape Jenny and Serena, but still everyone loves him? Undeserved

Barney Stinson How I Met Your Mother

barney, Barney Stinson, and how i met your mother image Barney Stinson, himym, and series image
Treats women terribly, keeps 'joking' about seeing them as objects, kind of selfish

Ross Geller Friends

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Doesn't let his son play with a doll, doesn't want a male nanny, lies to Rachel about getting an annulment???

Rumpelstiltskin Once Upon A Time

once upon a time, magic, and rumpelstiltskin image once upon a time, wicked, and ouat cast image
Selfish, unwilling to change, keeps lying to Belle and never takes the second chances she gives him, not trust worthy

Grace Hanson Grace and Frankie

jane fonda, netflix, and grace and frankie image watermelon and grace and frankie image
Alcoholic, bitchy, a bad mother, a bad friend, judgey, snobby

Sue Sylvester Glee

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Treats everyone like trash, makes racist and sexist and homophobic comments, bullies kids