Hi guys for today's article I'm going to do this trend here on whi, which is called "define yourself in pictures". Feel free to also do it and tag me in your article, and also check out my latest articles here :

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- Appearance

girl, hair, and portrait image
brown eyes, lashes, and make up image
lips, makeup, and red image
beauty, girl, and legs image
girl, pretty, and abigail cowen image
I'm a natural redhead, my eyes are brown, I have many freckles especially during summer, I have kind of big naturally red lips, I have the smiley piercing and I'm tall and thin !

- Style

outfit, fashion, and jeans image
fashion and outfit image
woman, girl, and sexy image
Image by malou5557
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outfit, fashion, and clothes image
my fav piece of clothing is high waisted jeans, and I love them both in black and light blue jeans and I own a lot of them. In summer of course I use the shorts versions ! I love cute and different tops, which are very girly but also sexy and cool :) I love super big sweaters and sweatshirts, especially if they're crop and they're perfect paired with high waisted bottoms. In summer I also wear a lot of mini skirts and mini dresses, both for the day and the night !

- Shoes

fashion, shoes, and black image
car, girl, and shoes image
sneakers, fashion, and huarache image
shoes, black, and fashion image
I love wearing my dr Martens Jadon and my black boots in winter, I love my white Converse for summer and also the white Nike for workout or to go for a walk !

- Jewelry

girl image
bag, blogger, and gold image
casio, feed, and girl image
fashion, earrings, and style image
earrings, accessories, and jewelry image
I love earrings and rings, they're my fav pieces of jewelries and I prefer silver over gold. I always have my silver Casio watch with me, I never leave the house without. I love particular and different jewelry that nobody has besides me and I always have on my diamond ring that my bf gave me different years ago <3

- Nails

nails, red, and aesthetic image
Image by Pleasing TT Eye
Image by Sundayalice
nails, aesthetic, and nail art image
fashion, acrylic nails, and nail art design image
nails, nail art, and beauty image
girly, simple, and chocolate brown image
nails and Nude image
for my nails, I love colors like red, Burgundy, milky white, white, white and transparent, black, neutral colors.. but I also like to try something different with my nails like French, ombré style and so on. I also like details like a little strass on my nail, but I don't like bright colors like green, hot pink, purple, blue, yellow on my nails !

- Colors

architecture, building, and city image
aesthetic, coffee, and drink image
bloom image
90s, alternative, and aesthetic image
Image by 재
black, aesthetic, and grunge image
clothes, outfit, and nude color image
food, ice cream, and yummy image
dior, makeup, and make up image
Image by Emanuela
ocean, blue, and sea image
aesthetic, background, and art image

- Animals

horse image
cat, aesthetic, and white image
Image by lilah

- Food

food, pasta, and yummy image
cheese, food, and pasta image
cheese, dinner, and pasta image
food, pizza, and wine image
Image by tiannah marie 🤍
food, pizza, and yummy image
food, chocolate, and Cookies image
beautiful, biscuit, and blog image
cafe, coffee, and comida image

- Drinks

coffee, drink, and aesthetic image
coffee, book, and drink image
coffee, drink, and aesthetic image
drink, jewelry, and morning image
bottle, drinks, and fitness image
Image by 𝐺𝑖𝑢𝑙𝑖𝑎𝑛𝑎 𝐑𝐨𝐬𝐞 𝐌𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞
chill, ice cream, and juice image
chill, good morning, and juice image
juice image
fruit juice

- Tv shows

but my top ones are :

effy stonem, KAYA SCODELARIO, and skins image
violate, american horror story, and evan peters image
american horror story
aesthetic, series, and shameless image
actors, berlin, and cast image
money heist
elite, guzman, and miguel bernardeau image

- Movies

- Music

aesthetic, band, and guitar image
sws, bmth, arctic monkeys, the 1975 and I'm also enjoying a lot of different kind of music that I didn't use to listen to before !

- Passions

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food, fries, and yummy image
aesthetics, мода, and красота image
taking pictures
lake, mountains, and sky image

- Places

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boat image
europe, italy, and lights image
italy (I'm italian)
Image by @ngela1610
boat, colors, and vacation image
sea, summer, and blue image
pinkish, pinky, and view image
Image by ꧁𓇊 𝕲𝖆𝖎𝖆𝖌𝖆𝖑𝖆𝖙𝖊𝖆 𓇚꧂
adventure, green, and palm trees image
beautiful, beach, and summer image
amazing, beautiful, and holiday image
amor, traje de baño, and bora bora image
bora bora

- Season

beach, sea, and summer image
beach, summer, and sea image
bikini, cool, and crochet image

- Weather

aesthetic, beach, and friendship image
summer and waves image
beach, pool, and sea image

- Zodiac

stars, space, and universe image
pink and space image
cloudy, Darkness, and sky image

- Personality

book image
beach and paradise image
chill, details, and home image
love my alone time to spend doing things I need, also love my friends and the crazy night out and my family !

- Dreams and goals

fashion, outfit, and style image
girl, travel, and dress image
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traveling the world and build a family <3

Ok guys so this is it and I hope that you liked it !
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