some of my thoughts and how i imagine the zodiac signs if they were winx characters <3

Bloom (Fairy of the Dragon Flame)

- Taurus
- Sagittatrius

Image by daddystiltskin fairy image aesthetic, blue, and celebrity image fire, exo, and power image

Stella (Fairy of the Sun)

- Leo

aesthetic, blonde, and fashion image makeup, eyes, and glitter image Image by 𝕺𝖇𝖘𝖚𝖗𝖉✯ gold, magic, and witch image

Flora (Fairy of Nature and Flowers)

- Cancer
- Libra

dress, pink, and fashion image flowers, pink, and peonies image lips, pink, and makeup image green, aesthetic, and fairy image

Aisha / Leyla (Fairy of Waves)

- Pisces
- Capricorn

art and black girl magic image blue, sea, and water image aesthetic, blue, and fantasy image girl, beautiful, and beauty image

Musa (Fairy of Music)

- Virgo

makeup, beauty, and blue image glove, music notes, and hand image gidle, idle, and soojin image red, rose, and aesthetic image

Techna (Fairy of Technology)

- Aquarius

Image by Federica Moncada fire image aesthetic, fashion, and fur image makeup, art, and beauty image

Darcy (Witch of Illusions and Queen of Darkness)

- Gemini

makeup, dark, and goth image bats, moon, and purple image Image by رغد الحلوه 18, beautiful, and beauty image

Stormy (Witch of Storms and Queen of Storms)

- Aries

burgundy, lightning, and maroon image nails, fashion, and girl image hair, curly, and curly hair image red and makeup image

Icy (Witch of Ice and Queen of Ice)

- Scorpio

eyes, joanna kuchta, and grunge image blue, ice, and wallpaper image eye, blue, and eyes image hands, snow, and winter image