I'll always care
I'll always over feel, over love, over think
I wish I could stop sometimes...Stop the time, the heart, the brain, the thoughts
Please don't hurt me
Don't kill me
Not like others did
Makes me wonder how many times a heart could broke?

You asked me how love feels like

At first
I didn't know the answer, I thought about what others would tell you, that it feels like a bee sting, or like someone would stop the time, maybe like butterflies in your stomach
But I felt love different
Love is like everything, every emotion in your body
Like I would laugh and cry and scream and do all of that out of happiness
Out of emotion
Love is emotional and strong and brave and kind
It doesn't feel like butterflies in your stomach
It feels like a whole wave of butterflies going through your body.

And I've loved you with my whole and I'll love you forever.