Origin: Hebrew
Pronounced: n-aa-t-aa-n-aa-EH-l.
Meaning: 'given by God'


Origin: French
Pronounced: du-PoNT
Meaning: of the bridge


Image by Private User aesthetic, sunlight, and boy image Image by 鹿ノ子 aesthetic, art, and dark academia image
Mr. Saxobeat


eyes, eye, and eyebrows image Image by Private User elliot, maxence, and eyes image Image by ☆
light brown hair, green eyes, pale skin, curly hair and pink lips


quotes, men, and movie image party, grunge, and hipster image black and white, bond, and brother image love, couple, and kiss image
mature boy, partying, overprotecting eldest brother, romantic


book, train, and aesthetic image Image by samora ♥️ slytherin, green, and harry potter image quotes image
read, be with her girlfriend, play quidditch, go to parties

Best Friends

philosophers stone, quidditch, and sorcerers stone image gryffindor, quidditch, and harry potter image boy image brooms, quidditch, and wizarding world image harry potter, hogwarts, and quidditch image boys, brown hair, and pretty boy image
Oliver Wood
body parts, girl, and hand image quotes, beauty, and inspiration image shoes, fashion, and aesthetic image <33, accessories, and cool image Image by MZ moon, stars, and accessories image
Astoria Greengrass
fur and furs image barb, boy, and ears image horse, fantasy, and fairy image dragon and harry potter image boat, nautical, and pirates image books, fashion, and harry potter image
Viktor Krum

Significant others

blonde and model image blue, Letter, and aesthetic image french and nice meeting you image Image by Jarbas Jacare photography and shadow image beauxbatons, blue, and harry potter image
Fleur Delacour

Hogwarts House

aesthetic, green, and couple image slytherin image green, dark, and aesthetic image snake, slytherin, and green image


light, grunge, and tumblr image Image by 𝕽𝖎𝖑𝖐𝖊𝕽𝖆𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖗® harry potter, aesthetic, and film image nature, green, and tropical image
wooden unicorn hair core 28 centimeters flexible

Favorite drink

drinks, wine, and red wine image cherry, fruit, and food image Image by ༺❀༻ books, academia, and aesthetic image

Favorite Subject

run, boy, and fog image magic, fantasy, and Darkness image acid, grunge, and pink image Image by サシャ・ブラウス
Defence Against the Dark Arts

Favorite Creature

dragon, architecture, and germany image dragon and fantasy image beautiful, dragon, and childhood image dragon, white, and fantasy image

Favorite Place

academia, aesthetic, and beautiful image light blue and beauxbatons image male, man, and blue image castle, sea, and architecture image


fashion, black, and boy image boy, dark, and fashion image fashion, me, and shirt image boy and man image
Formal, Elegant