Quills quarrel on blank,
Writers and readers unite:
Watch worlds come alive.

- The Carillon Twins

Greetings, shining literary community of We Heart It!

You stumbled upon us following, oblivious, the music box of our hopes and dreams. Whether by chance or on purpose, we may never know. Might there be, however, any chance for you to gift us a turn of your clock and stay on purpose for the tale we have to tell?

#Who We Are

Every story has its own roots, and magic ignites ours. For starters, then, allow us to introduce ourselves.

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We are Maddie Hatter and KGirl, two avid readers and aspiring writers seeking out to explore worlds and merge ideas into words.

Recently, we’ve come together to take a chance and put ourselves, our interests and ideas out there. As a product of months of relentless work and sleepless nights, we’re moulding our dreams from the pillow to reality.

We're SO excited about sharing our world with you guys on We Heart It as it's always been, for both of us, the greatest place to look for - and actually, find - inspiration. And you (yes you!): thank you for having always been so lovely in supporting our dreams, collections and articles. Readers are indeed a writer's strongest motivation!

(Stealthily dropping a link to our profiles down there. Please, give us a follow if you dare... 🐱‍👤)

♡ Maddie Hatter ♤
♡ Maddie Hatter ♤

Now, back to the original topic, you may scroll down to learn more about the themes and projects we set up for our new profile!

#Our Themes

✒️ Not diverse, rather inclusive literature
✒️ Fantasy in all its sub-genres and magic hues
✒️ Morally grey characters: they have the greatest potential in a writer's hands, and make up for the greatest storylines (as readers, we can totally confirm that. What about you? If you do, you don't have any choice but to heart - or leave a reaction - to this :))
✒️ Compelling villainesses - even they demand rightful representation, after all the clichés they have had to undergo lately; so who are we to deny them that right?
✒️ All in for girls supporting girls
✒️ Slowburn and enemy-to-lovers romances
✒️ Wordplay and allegory
✒️ Time and dreams

Wishing for a little taste of our magic pen? Thy Fairy Godmothers thence bestow this Smile on thee, beloved Wanderer!

#Our (Current) Book Project

Image by ⚜️Luna en el Cielo ⚜️ pretty, becoming jane, and writing image

The “Forget Me Not” Trilogy

We Heart It is a safe haven for those looking to inspire and be inspired. Isn’t that awesome? As writers, we’re always looking for new ways to find inspiration. As readers, we await for inspiration to strike us and make us fall in love with new stories.

On We Heart It, we would LOVE to share with you little excerpts of our own writing, short stories - as well as poems, for that matter. About that, many of you already know about our latest obsession: yep, you guessed right, Commaful, where you can find all of our currently published and featured pieces (for those of you who still haven't followed us there yet, you can find the dungeon-link at the end of the article. Go slay the beast!)

Also, we aim at keeping up a good lively amount of aesthetic-driven collections of our original characters and plotlines here on We Heart It. Hence why, we’re launching a collection based on our first ever work in progress: the “Forget Me Not” trilogy!

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An Overview of the Trilogy

Genre: steampunk fantasy; magical realism

SYNOPSIS: In Faramund, where divination is beheld as the highest form of magic, even gods need to run for their life, for mortals too can rise up and maim their thrones.

Rejoicing in the favour of the Sun god, Emilia Asteria Sullivan, a World Traveller with stardust in her blood, has partly neglected her royal duties as one of the heirs of the ruling dynasty. Murmurs of an ancient prophecy are speculated to be coming true in this day and age, and as Emilia’s myth continues to arise and strengthen, the Sages summon her to dispel the tantrum of doubt that haunts people and deities.

Battling with eternity, however, always comes with the dearest price to pay by anyone who dares attempting such a feat: one’s own life.

Now the fragments of Emilia’s forgotten memories are scattered all around the Worlds, her magic locked in the tale of myths and legends bound to the Book of Myosotis.

To awaken her powers anew and pull her own self back together, Emilia must depart one more time and seek herself in the places and through the people who once saw those lost memories blossom to reality. And to unfold the prophecy, finding what is lost is necessary.

But does Emilia really want to go back to who she used to be, now that she has finally got the chance to start from scratch again?


Emilia Asteria Sullivan

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- Archer, fire wielder, World traveller, Runologist; favoured of the god of Sun
- Literal epitome of a badass with a good heart
- Heterochromia, strawberry mark on her shoulder, memory loss
- Bisexual mess, a storm of raging sunshine; has a habit of laughing with ease, especially at the most unconventional times

René Theodorus Buldreen

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- Demigod, middle child of the god of Wind and Fortune
- Mender and maker of devices and machines
- One of Emilia’s closest friends; a scholar with an everlasting passion for books and antiquities

Iris Azure Sullivan

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- Emilia’s cousin and direct heir to the throne
- Curvy, petite, albino sweetheart with the mind of a most promising strategist
- Ever since she was little, her only shelter from the eyes of the world has always been the secret garden of the palace, that one can access through the dungeons; thanks to this locus amoenus, she’s able to get in touch with the deepest part of herself and connect most intensely with her magic

Alaric Goldstein (pen name: Goldenhoney)

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- The Sullivans' court poet and royal advisor
- Renowned poet and playwright in the whole of Faramund, often reckoned by his pen name, Goldenhoney
- His weapon of choice is, you guessed it, a pen charged with some ink

Aelius Soleantum

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- God of the Sun and Master Runologist
- Modus operandi: assigns a unique pet name to anybody in his range
- His iconic key signature is a flamboyant temperament and a dandy flair

Brielle Gaumond

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- A fierce Fighter fighting her way to the top with the aim of coming to be appointed as Champion of the kingdom of Soleantum
- Assigned to the temporary task of Emilia’s personal protector, after the princess’ memory loss accident
- Tall and sylphlike breathtaking beauty who’d be able to knock you out at any given moment, even while wearing heels and a dress

Konrad Zacharias

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- Healer at 360 degrees with an implacable thirst for knowledge
- Soldier putting body and soul in his fight on the frontline and behind the scenes
- Shy and sweet young man, whose thoughtfulness and sensitivity make him a most caring and trusted confidant

Delbar, The Wandering Goddess

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- Goddess of chants and will: her singing voice is believed capable of leading the victim astray from their own self and making them lose themselves in the abyss of their own mind, where they will wander forever, subjugated under the goddess’ control
- Emilia’s nemesis: stealer of her powers and killer of her memories

Lupin Thorne

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- First heir of the Thorne household, ancient dynasty cursed, in remote times, by Starlight, the god of night and dreams
- One of Delbar’s most trusted henchmen

Have you been captivated already? Then, as our characters in Faramund would say, cross your Coin of Fortune (test you luck 🤞😉): check out the collections linked below to find out more about the story and the characters, and if by any chance, you are intrigued by our universe, definitely stay tuned to get new updates regularly!

LITTLE SPOILER: behind the scenes are to come your way as well!

Besides, for those of you who would love to read amazing, beautifully curated stories in an interactive format or also, would like to spread their own writing further through this innovative format, if you haven't already, do definitely join Commaful and reach out to us: let's embark on this journey all together, supporting one another!

Commaful is one of the loveliest communities of talented, aspring writers (and published authors too, such as Cornelia Funke) and caring readers you could ever find online!

Beware, we truly do await for you to reach to us!

Our unique link that you can use to access and subscribe to the platform:

#Fandom Collections

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As the wise, old saying goes, “We didn’t choose the fandom life. The fandom life chose us!” Whether you’re a Half-Blood deployed on a mission, a Wizard attending Hogwarts or Ilvermorny, or a lucky wanderer coming from the lands of Middle Earth, you are most welcome! (And, by any means, heartfelt suggestions about new fandoms to dive in are always accepted - aka expressedly requested)

So, what about you, lonely wanderer stranded on these yet unexplored coasts? Let yourself be spoiled by the bunch of collections of our favourite books and TV series that we’ve set up on our profiles. Classics are favoured an irreplaceable place in our hearts as well.

Well then, go ahead and have a look for yourself!

And many more are yet to come! (Beware, Six of Crows, you might be next!)

UPDATE: As promised... We are women of our words ;)

Need a little prompt on your ever growing reading list?

#Themes And Genres Aesthetic Collections

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But hold on, there’s more! Are you searching for more general aesthetic collections to match your vibe? Look no further. We’ve got you covered for this one too!

Dive into the shelves of these collections: you’ll find inspiration per genre, (fantasy, mystery, etc.), and theme (LGBTQ+, quotes, etc.):

#To Sum This Up

Simply writing this article was such a delightful experience: we're so excited to be sharing such an important part of our journey as aspiring writers with both the lovely communities of We Heart It and Commaful.

Will you help us have the ship sail?

P.S.: please, also help us feed our ego, o' merciful soul, and give this a heart. Show us some love and support!

And dm us some more awesome fandoms to get into: we're definitely counting on you for that!


The Carillon Twins
The Carillon Twins
♡ Maddie Hatter ♤
♡ Maddie Hatter ♤

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UPDATE AUGUST, 1ST 2021: Did you wonder where we had disappeared off to, these last weeks? We have been tirelessly working on our Behind The Scenes article, and now, it's finally out for you to read. Check it out here!

Behind The Scenes of our Fantasy Trilogy!