name: may geyer
age: 16
zodiac sign + birthday: june 18, 2005 + gemini
sexuality: pansexual


brown, eye, and eyes image hair, curly, and curly hair image tan and tanned image buns, jgoddess, and curly hair image
brown eyes, black, curly hair, brownskin complexion, skinny but toned body


captions, dj, and government image Image by Private User Image by Vicky Pérez funny and text image
may is funny, hardworking, sarcastic, hates the government.


look book, outfit, and e girl image fashion, outfit, and style image aesthetic, fashion, and outfit image Image by vodkabitchess


aesthetic, stick, and lacrosse image Avengers, iron man, and movie image books, inspiration, and literature image books and bookstore image
may’s hobbies include lacrosse, watching marvel movies, and reading.


Image removed dylan sprayberry image
may is liam dunbar’s stepsister. she’s the daughter of his stepdad, mr. geyer. they’re best friends, and have been since they were both kids.


teen wolf, dylan o'brien, and tyler posey image teen wolf, allison argent, and lydia martin image
the mccall pack


Image by Romy teen wolf, brett talbot, and liam dunbar image
though liam and brett have a rocky past, they both push through it for may. brett and may were together for a few months before brett died.

that’s it! this is the updated version of my last “if i were in.. teen wolf” but just in another scenario. leave a heart if you liked it! - gabs