Name: Fallon Morell Carrington
Nickname: Fal
City: Atlanta, Georgia
Age: 28
Occupation: Entrepreneur and CEO


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Fallon Carrington is the former Head of Acquisitions at Carrington Atlantic, former CEO of Morell Green Energy Corporation, former CEO of Carrington Atlantic, Shareholder of Club Colby, Co-Owner of Broken Glass Records, Owner of Fallon Unlimited and Fallon Unlimited Streaming.


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Fallon can be described as sharply intelligent, competent, charismatic, and savvy. She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go after it, even if it means manipulating the situation to better benefit her needs. She is charismatic, outgoing, and the center of all parties. She can appear cold-hearted which is fueled by her sarcastic quips.


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Fallon Carrington is the daughter of Blake Carrington and Alexis Carrington. She is an heiress of the wealthy Carrington Family. Her mother left very early and she was raised with her father’s values of wealth, duty, family and power. She is haunted by childhood traumas and is really appreciative and supportive of her brother Steven. She has become close with her stepmother’s nephew/brother’s ex-husband Sam “Sammy” Jones. She married Liam Ridley as a business proposition the first time and out of love the second time.


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Fallon enjoys horseback riding, travelling (private plane ofc), singing and shopping.

Outfit Aesthetic

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Fallon enjoys formal clothes with a lot of accessories. She dresses up for parties in a classic and fashionable way. She owns a lot of suits and power outfits. She also has a collection of expensive undergarments.